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    Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is happy, healthy and having a wonderful morning.😊 I was just wondering if anyone here had ever requested to be put on an inactive status. If so, how did it work and what did you have to do to have an active status again? Thank you all in advance for all your help...😊

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    Good morning! Do you mean inactive on the forum board?
    If so, we don’t delete accounts but when posters want to take a break, they just stop posting and come back/start posting again when they wish to.
    You can sign in or out anytime you choose to.

    Anything wrong or just wanting a break?


    • Decadense
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      No. I meant that your daycare was posted as inactive by the state. Here, if we have something else going on like if we are renovating our house and it is going to take a couple of months than we can request, from the state, that our daycare go into an inactive status. That way, when the renovations are done we do not have to start the process of becoming registered all over
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    Sorry. I probably should have explained that questionπŸ˜‹ I just found out that we can do that, because I plan on doing some renovations and of course I won't be able to run my daycare while the renovations are going on so I was informed that during that time I could go to an inactive status
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    • Blackcat31
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      Oh gotcha! Well glad to hear you didn't mean leaving the forum board!!

      As for inactive license status, I am of no help there as I've never done it and have no idea what my state's rules are in that regard.

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    No. I would never leave this forum. I love it here..😊


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      Are you required to do an inactive status?

      Personally I wouldn't do anything, I would just inform my parents that I was taking extended vacation to do some home improvements.

      If family called about daycare I would just say didn't have any openings at the time or that I would have openings on next date when I reopen but I wouldn't discuss why with them.

      I would of course have to tell my food program rep that I wasn't going to be open from this date to this date. Why I'm closing is not something I have to tell the food program though.

      There's no rules in my state that says I have to call licensing. Matter of fact I don't tell them when I'm going on vacation and my renewal falls just after vacation so they could try to come while I'm gone, but I have cameras and I know they don't.


      • Decadense
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        I called the state about my renovation project. I am not allowed to have any service people here during daycare hours. This renovation will be an extensive renovation on the whole first floor where I do daycare. I am not allowed to have children there while construction is going on. The stares solution was that I should go to an inactive status until the renovation was over. I did not know about the inactive status until they told me. I was wondering if anyone here had ever gone inactive. It's weird I😊

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      Here, I'd have to start all over again once my certificate expires if I did not renew. I am not required to close, though, due to no enrollment.

      One of the daycares here has not had one child in attendance during routine inspections in years. While it sounds like money laundering to most of us locals, the state is apparently just fine with it.
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