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  • Making More Than 1 Craft?

    Just curious if you guys have your dc kids make more than 1 of things like crafts? I have a gma that keeps asking me to have her grandson (4yrs)make things for several family members.

    His dad (who had full custody) passed away in the spring (cancer) and I felt terrible for the family and I did start having him do extra of the more special things we did so gma (dck was staying with her as dad passed) and mom (no custody just sporadic visitation) each had one but now Aunt has custody and all 3 want things and it’s turned into everything instead of just the more special things.

    We made pumpkin handprint keepsakes Fri and I only had him make 1 (they were a little on the more expensive side for materials and kind of a pain in the booty to put together) and this morning Aunt asked where the others were because they were soooo cute, etc. I said he only made the one and she later texted asking if I could please have him make more because they’d love to have them.

    I don’t want to have him make more.

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    I think they're asking a bit much from you and from dcb. I'm sure they aren't thinking about the expense of having to buy extra craft supplies and the extra time it must take for dcb to make several of the same craft. I'd explain that as much as I'd love to continue to do it, with the price of supplies lately, I can't afford to continue to pay for extra supplies anymore. I'd also maybe explain that our day is very busy and we fall behind when dcb has to make crafts for everyone who wants them. I get a lot of ideas off of Pinterest so I might suggest they check my pins out, find the crafts they want him to replicate and have dcb do them while he's at home.


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      When I had foster kids everything that the kids brought home from school would go into a folder for their mom unless the kids brought something home and told me it was specifically for me. Those things never saw the light of day again, I still have them tucked away but the bio parents never found out that they made something for me. (One time it happened to be the mother's Day card so I have to make a new card for his mom.)

      So my suggestion would be is that you ask him who the craft is for, save all the crafts until the end of the week and then send them home. When auntie pulls them out she'll see which one her name has on it, which one has grandma's name on it and which one has mom's name on it. Then she can do what she wants with them at that time.

      Another suggestion would be, say you did three crafts a week with all the kids and just have him repeat the same craft every time. (Although it sounds like a good plan on paper I can see where that would not work out.) So better yet, when you purchase the crafts, purchase an extra two and send them home incomplete. And if you want start charging them.


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        I wouldn’t do extra. Like others said, it’s expensive and time consuming to do in group care.

        I like what Alwaysgreener suggested. Have DCK tell you who the craft is for.


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          Oh heck no. The art project is for the child and is part of the childs development. They dont need to do it more than once.


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            Where do we draw the line? Imagine every parent asking for crafts for grandparents, aunts, etc. I would do the one, and let it be up to the aunt with custody to hand out crafts to relatives as they are sent home.


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              I should have said no from the very beginning. I just felt really bad for the entire situation. I ended up texting her back that I am going to start sending home the supplies if she wants to see if he wants to do them later. Honestly, he doesn’t like having to still do more when everyone else gets to be done!


              • Blackcat31
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                Sending home supplies for a second or third craft? If so, that’s not fair to you… why do you need to take on the expense of extra crafts to appease a parent/grandparent?

                I would just tell the grandparent that you only pay for one craft per child and it’s too costly to pay for extras for every kid.

                If grandma wants to pay for the extra crafts, that’s one thing but you should never have to pay for more than one craft per child NO matter the child’s home life.

                It’s kinda rude that grandma even asked in the first place considering you were simply being kind.

                To expect that kindness to continue at your expense is not okay.

              • littlefriends
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                I know I hope she lets it go. I’ll probably send home a few times and then just let it die out. She’s not mean about it. I just set a bad expectation for them by going along with it. I never should have humored her! I know better!!

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              I don't do multiples of the crafts, but I do take photos of them and post them so everyone can see them. Most parents these days throw them away and keep the digital copy.


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                I would not cite expense of making more than one craft. They may offer to supply more materials! Just explain that child wants to join his friends when craft time is over and doesn't enjoy sitting and making more crafts.