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  • Incapable Of Independent Play

    I have a group of three toddlers ranging from 15 months to two years old. I offer a mix of independent and guided activities, both indoors and out.

    I'm trying to encourage independent play for small stretches, but if I move away to my desk/or kitchen to prepare a meal, they just STARE at me. I make sure they have been given lots of attention before independent play.

    I have an open concept (with a play area gated off) but they are always within close view of me. I try to verbally encourage them to play, re-direct, etc., but nothing works. They just stare, fuss, and cry.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Seems this has been an issue for a few years now here....


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      Good stuff. I agree that it’s an attention thing. Even when parents are playing with their kids, they post it on social media for attention. Like, look at me, I am Parent of the Year! 🙄 Social media has created this virtual world where people feel the need to “one up” each other. I am adding something a friend shared the other day… it reminded me of how disconnected we are these days.

      I always remind my DCK to go play. I do not interfere during free/independent play - besides the occasional pretend eating of the pretend food. 😉


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        My toddlers are the same way! They will literally sit and stare at me, instead of playing. Even outside!

        They were all born during lockdown. Parents had nothing else to do but be in their babies’ faces, entertaining them every minute.


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          I never considered the lockdown factor. Makes a lot of sense! Luckily they're in daycare, so they have to opportunity to develop this skill before starting school!