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    First off I want to say that my families are all great and I know that they're all going to pay me at some point. It's just getting really frustrating that for the last month I have 1 families that do t pat when they are suppose to and I always have to ask for it. I put a reminder in my newsletter last week hoping to solve it but nope two families again no payment at drop off. One dad pays as he's walking up to pick her up. So I'm wondering do you guys always want payment at drop off Mondays or are you ok anytime during the day?
    I'm just st so irritated I feel like it's a slap in the face and I want to send a text to them saying hey I haven't received payment

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    Depends on what your policy states.

    My policy states tuition must be paid by 5:30 on Monday or there is an automatic $25 late fee added. Tuition is still due even if I’m closed. My only exception to this policy is the one client that writes me a check every week and has since starting with me.

    Most of my families pay the invoice Sunday afternoon… which is when it gets emailed to them.


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      Do you have a late fee? If not, I would add one and enforce it every time. I bet they'll stop paying late after they are charged a late fee. It is so frustrating having to asl for payment! I have a couple parents pay last minute and it drives me nuts. I sent out invoices a week ago, and I still have 4 families that haven't paid. It's due tomorrow


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        I have my payments due by 5:00pm they can pay any time during the day. I switched to Venmo during the pandemic so I don't have to worry about non payment at pickup time anymore, but when I accepted checks I started having families that kept forgetting to pay leave a blank check with me that I kept just in case.


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          Thanks I do have a late fee and I know I should enforce it. In my contract it states every Monday morning and this one dad either does it as he's walking up to pick her up (through Zelle) or I have had to ask. I just don't know if I should change and be ok with it by pick up in Monday as I have occasionally have had other parents do this but not often I ce in a great while they will forget but they apologize you and down I think I'm more irritated because I just sent out the reminder yet still isn't doing it.


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            My policy says the payment is due upon arrival on their last contacted day of the week, (for the next week). So I have one family that only comes M-W so they are due on Wed and everyone else is due on Thursday, my last day of the week.

            I use venmo so most pay the night before. I also send an auto invoice through a free site called my wave and at nap or after the last pick up if a family still has not paid, I edit and add the late fee, resend the invoice and then they pay.

            I found it is easier for me to do a nonverbal/indirect reminder than a verbal/direct one.


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              Thanks, this family has been with me for over a year they used to Zelle Sunday evenings for months then it would be early Monday mornings then last 2 months I have ha to ask for it on tuesdays. I put a reminder in my newsletter and still nothing yesterday. I did text them mid day and said hey payment is due Monday mornings at drop off, he sent payment right away then texted and gave excuses that Monday morninga they are both so busy with work andifge could pay Sundays and I'm like well of course you did that for about a year but no apologies or nothing and I think that's what bothers me is people think they dobt have to follow the contract and maybe it's younger gen people. I like this family I just don't think it's right that I should have to ask for my payment.
              All my other families send early Mondays or Sundays and if they dont and remember at drop off that run back to their car and grab their phone to pay and apologize like crazy.


              • BeeNature
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                I have a couple families that I have to remind. I used to let it bug me, but I just started sending a reminder text an hour before payment is due, and they always pay. I'm at the point where I just try not to take things personally because it can become such an emotional drain. If they continue to not pay on time I would start charging a late fee... I'm sure that would nip things in the bud real quick 😉

              • littlefriends
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                I never remind. It’s not my job to remind them to pay their bills. It’s their job to remember their bills.

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              My payments are due no later than 6pm Fridays for the coming week. If they don’t make it by 6pm they’re charged a $30 late fee and child(ren) are not admitted into care again until all money has been submitted in full. If they show up Mon am without it I simply say they can return once they have payment. If they ask if they can leave kiddo here while “they run to the bank” I say no, you can sign kiddo in when you have payment. No pay no stay 😒