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    Does anyone else besides me transport kids, like picking some up in the mornings and dropping some off in the afternoons? I didn't intend to do that, but it kind of happened over time. I am transporting a friend to and from work and she pays me to do that. So I don't really mind picking up a couple kids that live near me and returning them home in afternoons, but it all has to be within the time frame of transporting my friend. My main problem is this one mom that is near impossible! She was living on the other side of town and had her daughter at a school that's 15 minutes from home and since there's a shortage of bus drivers they don't start school there until 9:30!!! So I drop the other 2 boys at a school near me and I'm back home by 8:15 then have to leave about 8:30 so that girl can get dropped off at 9 when they open the always has to wait in a line too. I am telling mom now that she really needs to get her daughter in a school that is closer if she wants us to transport. Especially since the weather is going to start getting more challenging! Just curious, does anyone else transport daycare kids?

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    No I don't, that would change my auto insurance and I would have to have proper car seats for each child.


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        I used to transport children until I realized that it was getting in the way of breakfast time and the parents weren't willing to pay so my car stay parked and they have to be to me by 9:00


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          My state has a massive list of pre-training, required check off lists, ratios, insurance and documentation requirements before being able to do it. It simply is not worth it financially or risk assessment wise.


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            same here!