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    RSV hit the daycare last week. Today, I still have three out with a cough because I found out one of the DCK’s 7 week old sibling is in the NICU so I excluded until their cough is gone.

    Does anyone have a plan to return for RSV they care to share? Am I doing the right thing?

    I am getting push back from a parent because the cough can last weeks.
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    Good morning! RSV is the whole lot more difficult to manage considering the symptoms are very much the same as the common cold. the only thing I can say is follow the CDC and then your own judgment as to when you think they are cleared to come back one thing about illnesses that include common cold symptoms parents will always use that it's just a common cold but as soon as it turns into something bigger their eyes get wide and wonder where did it come from. I hope everybody is better sooner than later


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      I exclude until symptoms are gone entirely other than the cough. HOWEVER, the cough must be something the child can generally manage on their own (covering their mouth) AND the cough cannot be disruptive to the child's normal day. Such as coughing to the point of gagging or throwing up, coughing to the point of needing to stop what they are doing or coughing bad enough that they are unable to sleep or are keeping others awake during rest time.


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        So do you exclude for a call after they've been confirmed with RSV or do you exclude for the cough prior to the diagnosis? I'm asking because a cough is a hard thing to try to exclude kids for. I get the most push back for coughs and runny noses but I do exclude for coughs that trigger breathing problems, gagging or throwing up.