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    I’ve decided to let a kid go and I’m not sure how far to go in my term letter. This little is 18 mo and still is not walking or even pulling up. She will scoot/walk on her knees to get around. I am just killing my back having to carry her around so much! Her parents are not worried and when I bring up that I am just tell me the dr is okay with it and that she will walk when she’s ready.

    I started interviewing to replace last week and I have settled on a very sweet family with a 2 year old who are looking to start first week of January so that gives me plenty of notice for the family that will need to find new care.

    So what do I say in the term letter?? I like the parents. I am super concerned that they aren’t taking their child’s mobility issues seriously. Is this just something I should shut up about? I can just do the usual “Your child’s last day of care available will be blah blah and here is the local ccr&r number to assist you in finding new care” but I feel like I should really do something more to try to get them to get her some kind of physical therapy.

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    I would be vague in the term letter and maybe just state last day you’re available to provide care due to changes in your program.
    If you want to be a bit more specific state that you can no longer provide care for non-mobile children.

    Id be worried too but all you can do is refer the child/family and maybe call your licensor or CPS and share your concerns of neglect


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      I agree.

      littlefriends Have you done a milestone checklist for the child?

      If you need one I or another provider will be able to link to one.

      Also make sure you document in the child's file that you talk to the parents multiple times about the child not being able to walk at 18 months. If you can that's the dates that you talk to the child and who you talk to.

      When I have a child that is not meeting milestones, I have an early on place through the school district that I can call and refer the family too. They will reach out to the family with assistance on how to work with the child. So try calling their school district to see if there are services available.

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    I don’t have anything like that, no, (the milestone checklist) but I have and do document the convos with mom and dad. I am going to keep it to the point and simple and will add the contact info for our state early intervention program. I noticed when I was trying to go to sleep last night my back hurt every which way I tried to lay. 😢