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    I have licensing coming this Friday to approve my home daycare space. And I really want to have my contact ready, so I can advertise. I have posted before and just to give you a little feedback on me, I am known in town for hosting art and play parties (I had a party business for years), so I do know I will book families.

    If money was no object, how would you charge families?

    1) Charge more per session, but have it be drop-in. This way, I don’t have to deal with illnesses. It seems like there is a lot of back and forth with families on illnesses.

    2) Charge for the space at a lower rate?

    A little bit more about my situation. I am very fortunate where my husband makes enough to cover all the finances. My husband is a workaholic and is gone all week from 5:30am-7:30pm. It’s just me and my two boys. I am burnt out. For a couple of reasons… My husband is frugal, so it is a big debate to even buy a pizza out. And we don’t hire babysitters or even send our kids to preschool. So, it’s been a lot of years with just me and the kids. This is the first year my youngest is in school. This is the first bit of alone time I have had in over a decade.

    So… with all the above being said… I have a passion for art and play. I will be running a half a day play program two mornings a week (9-1pm)… My money will just be my money. To help balance out my husbands frugalness. So, I don’t need a set amount each week….

    I just keep tossing this back and forth in my head. I am not sure what is the best route to avoid the battle with parents pushing the limits with illness….

    And lastly…. Even if I have two children here for the play session, I will be getting the same hourly rate as a nanny in our area (which is $30 per hour). I will be spending a fair amount on supplies. And it will take me about 1.5 hours to set up and 1 hour to clean up, as it is an art/ sensory type plays session.

    Thanks for any input!

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    My first concern, for you, is the hours. 9-1 includes one snack, one meal and typically naptime begins somewhere in there. I fear you will have over tired, hungry, poorly behaved kids with those hours.

    8 - 12, with a 10 am snack of something fun and photo worthy and kicking them to the curb by lunch time seems much more fun and photogenic. That is what that market seems to be looking for, IMHO.

    Seems a simple time difference, but after almost 30 years doing this, I promise it makes all the difference.
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    • Polka Tots
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      Editing a comment
      Thank you so much for your reply! I should have mentioned, this would be for children ages 3-6. And I did run a part-time stay and play program for 10 years outside of my house (at my church) from 9-1pm before I moved over to my party business. I also did the same sort of time frame for events at the Disney resorts (I ran play programs for children in care at the resorts while parents attended morning work events). The 9–1pm time frame definitely works for the parents in this area, as the bus for the older kids usually picks up at 8:30am (most of the children have older siblings).So, they would wait for the bus and then head over to the church. And in regards of lunch, the kids brought their own. And we skipped a snack. It was arrival at 9am, lunch at 11:00am (which the parents packed).
      And for my own son, who is 6, the bus arrives around 8am ish, so 9am is definitely better for us.

      But, I get it. I would rather not have to deal with lunch! Although, with the older ages, I have never dealt with tiredness, which is good!

      I can see where the younger crowd would give one tired after awhile…

      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! ❤️
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    I agree with CH. I’d end your session prior to lunch and not offer anything other than a snack

    I would charge per session at a higher rate/as drop in but utilize a cancellation fee. Such as no refunds if they don’t show up or don’t let you know about not planning to attend within 30 minutes of start time (for example)


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      Thank you for responding! I mentioned above, the hours will be 9-1pm, due to the bus runs…

      But, I am an early bird and would prefer to start early, but maybe at some point if I take younger kids. For right now, the timing works best for my son and his bus and other children in town that I know.

      And thank you for commenting on the pricing! I have been on the forum for about 10 years, but I don’t post often. I always appreciate your thoughtful advice. (I had a different name before the sight moved).

      I feel like the drop-in will work best for the morning session. I will add in a cancellation policy to my handbook.