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    So, I thought it would be easier to provide the extra change of clothes for kids so that way if a child went home in my clothes, parents would see when doing their laundry an outfit they don’t remember buying, realize it’s daycare clothes, and bring it back to me. Because when i had parents provide the clothes, they never remembered to bring new extra clothes back. This worked for some families, but most families still dont bring clothes back. I asked one parent to bring the clothes back because their child had utilized all my 12m boys clothes when having blowouts during a round of antibiotics and i didnt have anymorr. She said she couldn’t guarantee i would get the same clothes back but she would bring some.
    am i just really OCD to remember what clothes dont belong to my child or is that weird that the parent wouldnt be able to recognize what doesnt belong to them and not able to bring my clothes back? There have been a few occasions where her kids have come to daycare wearing my clothes. So clearly you have found them…
    ive also seen fb posts by parents with their kids wearing my clothes weeks later. So a part of me feels like they are stealing from me.

    this group of kids i have now, none of the parents remember to bring clothes back. No matter how many times i remind them, nothing.
    im thinking about telling everyone they need to provide their own clothes now, and if they dont have extra clothes here and their child has an accident/blowout/ whatever…they will be called to pick up. Another thing i was thinking was to get custom clothes made, and it be the most obnoxious/ugly colors with the word DAYCARE written on the front and back. This way they SHOULD notice it in their laundry and bring it back, and not be interested in having their kids wear it again lol

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    I’ve started doing things this way, and it works great: When a child starts here, they’re required to bring a full change of clothes, including socks. Those clothes stay in their cubby. If I have to change them, I wash the dirty clothes and put those into their cubby, and they become the extra set.


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      Im super grossed out by other peoples kids poop rolling around in my washing machine 😂😂

    • Rockgirl
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      🤣 I don’t actually throw the poop into the washer, but that’s still a fair point!

    • littlefriends
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      This is what I do as well. Poop stuff gets sent home in a tied bag with a note stapled to it showing what needs replaced for their cubby. If that happens then I just drive the parent crazy asking every single drop off if they remembered what I asked for until they eventually do. Sending a quick text in the evening often helps too. “Reminder to bring x tomorrow for so n so’s cubby”.

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    I know everything I purchase. If I didn’t purchase it, I am able tell you who gave it to my DDs.

    I require two changes of clothes in their cubby at all times. If they forget to bring clothes back (obviously twice) they are called for pick-up if there aren’t any clothes. This recently happened two weeks ago - kid had an accident before nap and then urinated thru the Pull-up at nap. The next day, the parent brought three changes of clothes.

    I used to wash dirty clothes but I stopped. It was my way of setting boundaries with parents - KWIM? If you want to continue to provide clothing, I would go with the obnoxious outfits. If you have a Cricut you could probably make the words yourself and save a little money.


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      If I send a child home in their extra clothes, they are not allowed to attend/be dropped off the next day unless they have a new change of clothing. Easy peasy.

      Years ago, I used to write “STOLEN FROM BC DAYCARE” with a Sharpie on front and/or down the leg of my spare clothing items. They were almost always returned within a few days.

      Another option is charging a fee. If a child is sent home in your spare clothing the parent is charged $5 per day until they are returned or you reach $50 … enough to purchase replacement clothing.


      • Momboss
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        This one parent will sometimes bring back clothes that arent mine. One thing im feeling petty about is i want MY clothes back. Theres like an element of disrespect when you cant have enough respect for me or my things ro be able to return it.

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        I would go with what bc said (writing on the clothes ) and get only plain basic clothes and write on them or use a sticker or stamp.

        Make it ugly.

        Put a return policy on it. "x many days to return or a daily fee of x will apply"

        property of x child care
        If found return to x childcare
        X child care now has openings, call xxx

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        I bought some cheap sweatpants and shirts at Walmart, wrote DAYCARE down the legs and sleeves with a permanent marker and haven't had a problem getting my clothing back for the most part. (There's always "that" parent. I'm missing one pair of pants now.) Replacing them is pretty cheap, though, so it's not worth getting upset about. I do like BC's ideas. Any one of them should work well.

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      I document that they went through their spare outfit, needed to borrow clothing, and what they borrowed in Daily Connect then use the "Need" tab that stays across the top, every day, as a banner, until it is returned.

      There has not been a time where they had more than one outfit of mine at a time because I do laundry daily. I use the utility sink to rinse, soak in laundry disinfectant, then use the speed wash cycle. Soiled underwear is tossed, if they don't have spare underwear, they wear a pullup home, I don't loan underwear.

      I'd tell your DCM that if she was too irresponsible to return things she borrowed, she would not be allowed to borrow anything from me. She would need to bring her child three complete changes of clothing or find alternate childcare. I have no patience with false entitlement princesses. I will always go above and beyond for those who appreciate it, I give minimum effort to those who demand it.


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        I have sometimes had fun with it. For instance, kids who have frequent blowouts and whose parents don't restock their bin are liable to get dressed in something two years too large and, if they're boys, something pink and frilly. Have I sent a little boy home in a halter top? Heck yes. Those things usually come back, with a sheepish apology and some more spares.
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        • BeeNature
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          😆 This cracks me up! Oh I needed a good laugh this morning! I've had to send girls home in boys clothes, but never had to send a boy in girls. Just picturing that in my mind and the look on the parents face...LOL!

        • Blackcat31
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          Many of my kids are dressed in gender neutral clothing lately