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Vindictive employee part 2

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  • Vindictive employee part 2

    Here's part one if you want to read:
    What would you do about an employee that you work with?
    ​​​​​​Here's the backstory,
    employee was working at a center and quit to come to our center because of some things that were going on at the other center. After a while, the other center contacted her to come back which she obliged to because of how bad our school agers were acting and how bad their attitudes were etc. Fast forward to now, employee came back to our center and everything was good at first but here lately things have gone bad and are getting worse. We all found out that her and another employee are in a clique and if something goes bad she tries to twist it around and instead of blaming herself, she blames whoever she can. A while ago, her, another employee (that use to be the administrator), the current administrator and the assistant administrator had a 'meeting' because she was upset because she had to watch this other teachers class while they were practicing songs for a program and she claimed that she had to do that quite often even though the teacher was standing right there with her kids doing something. Today, she came in madder then a wet hen because last week the librarian told me ( I usually walk with the kids to the library every Wednesday) to let this teacher know that we couldn't come this week because of some scheduling conflict which I had forgot to tell her about it and she was mad then she proceeded to tell me that if my memory is that bad then maybe I should stay at home with I was so mad & hurt I didn't know what to say. What would you do?? Not only did she say that but she got mad at me because according to her she feels like she constantly has to tell me to do the same thing over and over again..again

    Today, i watch this employees class while she went & done something and when she got back, I was venting to another teacher about how a child in her class was while she was gone and she overheard our conversation & states that if I have something to say about a child in her class that I need to tell her & not the other teacher because the other teacher "doesn't care". I also found out that apparently we've all been lied to or either told a different story then what they originally told, when she supposedly left her job at the other centerr to come back to our center, she was fired instead of her voluntarily quitting as she told all of us because apparently she started a lot of drama there and they all got tired of it and fired her
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    Christy Sewell

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    Sounds like there is a whole lot of drama from all sides.

    Personally, I would just go to work, do my job and refuse to engage in any conversation that isn’t about the direct care/supervision of the children present in the center classroom.

    If you refuse to engage you can’t be involved in the he said/she said drama


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      I think these kind of things happen in many workplaces, not just child happy I'm my own boss.