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Taking Kids Out in Winter Temps/Weather

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  • Taking Kids Out in Winter Temps/Weather

    If taking the Littles outside during winter/cold temps does not make them sick, why do mine have coughs and runny noses when we return indoors?

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    Dry, hot air dries the sinuses. Cold damp air moisturizes them, allowing them to expel room dust/mold spores caught in the fine cilia. Then they return to the dry, warm air and tend to get a little dry cough as the dust dries back out and the mucus dries back out. The nose clears constantly. Boogies or running... all the same. The difference is the air and if the cilia are wet or dry. Filters gotta filter.

    If you were being facetious, I am not great with sarcasm this early in the morning.
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      Not facetious at all. Your explanation makes sense.

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    Sometimes I think the weather has NOTHING to do with sickness! My two sons were so opposite with immune systems; My oldest was the kind if he said he didn't feel well you better go the the hospital quick as he never caught anything much! But my youngest caught every bug around if it was in CHINA. My youngest didn't eat well either and I think that had alot to do with it. So the weather is about like using the teething excuse. LOL
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