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Posting Regulations and Menus, etc.

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  • Posting Regulations and Menus, etc.

    I was told during my zoom today that I'll need to post regulations, license rules, menus, schedules, etc.

    The only place I can think to do that is by my front door. What to do you all use?

    I was considering using these...
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    Yes, some people use a corkboard. I have heard of one provider using the backside of a large picture so that she could flip the picture over when she entertained.

    I used picture frames to hang my license and my QRIS Certificate.

    Then I use these (see link) to post other things like Menu (in the kitchen), recall list, e plan, FP civil rights, (all by the door). --- the e plan is posted on the wall above the electrical box just below the ceiling behind the door, where no one is going to see it but there is no rule against it. Before that, it was inside a cupboard door in my kitchen. (This is where it was when I was a foster parent, so I just left it there and none of my licensors said anything, with foster care, it had to be posted by the phone, which it was by the phone so even foster care approved of the location)

    My no smoking and no vaping are laminated cards that I printed from and have them in the corner of the mudroom.

    Some of the stuff is also in my dc binder or on my website, so parents have access to it either way, which is what they want.

    Plus having a copy in the binder makes it easier for the licensor during inspections.

    Here is another way to display everything depending on how your rule is written.


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      I love these ideas!!! Thank you!!!

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    I have my postings on my office door, which is the first thing parents see coming in through the mudroom


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      I have my Rules & Regs in a binder on a small table next to the sign in sheets. It is over 500 pages, so there will never be a day I post them. The rest is on a cork board by the playroom door, next to the fire extinguisher. I have my license in a frame next to it. My QRIS certificate is in the bottom of a junk drawer rotting from resentment.