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    Hello everyone. I have a little girl who is 4 years old in my care. She's a very happy outgoing little girl. Lately she will come out telling me that somebody pushed her or took something from her, I will ask the other child what happened and we will try to talk through it but the other kiddos are quite a bit younger than her so they always say that they did whatever she says that they did. So I've never had issues with her before so I'm always talking to the other child about how we need to ask our friend if we can have the toy when they are done or I can go help you find a toy like that, or let's not touch our friends,. but recently I've had a couple of the kiddos really break down and cry still admitting they did something so I went back on camera footage a few times and ended up finding out that she in fact did push her way in and push a child to take their toy and then another time one of the little girls was walking around and she got up off the floor started pushing into her trying to take what she had and then comes out and tells me the other little girl pushed her which she was trying to push her self away from the other little girl So I am guessing in her mind she doesn't put together that she got up and started trying to take the toy away from the other girl and push her so when the girl pushed her back she immediately thinks the girl was pushing her. If that makes sense
    So my question is does anybody have any good lessons or ways that I can teach her about this?

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    The only solution is watching for escalation and catching her in the act. They can't really process backwards. Meanwhile the others are being invalidated as victims.

    It can be tough, but now you know who really needs shadowing for a while.