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    I’m going to ask a few questions from time to time because things have changed so much since I have had a baby. My grandchild is due soon. Very soon. Silly question, but it’s about diaper cream. Should the parents just use diaper cream all the time, just to prevent rashes ? Should they just use for longer spans of time when baby won’t be changed as much ? I realize newborns are changed a lot, but maybe later when baby is sleeping longer. Thanks for your input.

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    I was blessed with two girls. At bedtime, after the girl’s bath, we would put apply Desitin. We then would apply Auqaphor/A+D ointment on top of the Desitin. The Desitin protects the skin to prevent a rash/clears any rash, the ointment seals the cream in.

    The parents with boys in my DC use a diaper powder instead of cream.


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      Depends on the kid in my personal experience. I hardly ever used diaper creams on my kids except with certain diapers made them get a rash or rash from diarreah. Then some daycare kids I’ve watched got rashes easy too for whatever reasons. Then other also hardly ever got a rash. So I have just always used it as it was needed.


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        I didn't use cream for my kids unless I had too. I don't understand why you would put unneed chemicals on a child.

        (For the record I clothed diaper DD after 3 months until potty trained and even had cloth Pull-Ups for night time. Ds wore (dd's old) cloth diapers during the day, disposals at night and when we were away from home, now wears disposable Pull-Ups because he couldn't fit into the cloth pull ups)

        My kids didn't even get oral gel for teething, or anything for pain for the first three or four years and even at that my daughter still doesn't take it and she's ten. If they have a fever I give him a bath and put him to bed.

        From my experience most little ones don't need diaper rash cream at all. Some have reactions to the chemicals in the disposable diaper mixed with their urine or the acid in their urine from certain foods. For example my nieces were allergic to the chemicals in the disposable diapers, one was luvs/pampers and the other one was Huggies. Had two daycare girls allergic to citrus and a dcb that left before we found the cause.

        IF you are constantly medicating it to prevent it then you'll never learn if they have a sensitivity. Just like giving pain fever reducing medication, if you give the medication then you will it will mask other symptoms.

        I've had three daycare kids end up with a yeast infection, two of them boys, the diaper rash cream made it worse.

        So I'm on the do not use the medication unless needed and use the most natural medication available that works for the child.