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    Has there ever been a child that you just didnt “vibe” with? That you kind of dread seeing? That makes your day difficult in some way but not enough to call it an issue? And lack of a better word..just find annoying?

    Im wondering if this is normal to feel this way or have I completely lost my passion in this job. Am I supposed to love every child? Find every child cute and adorable?

    I have a child (23months) in care that always has diarrhea diapers, always whining, always here when parents are off work, doesnt listen very well, Tends to walk up to me and sneeze in my face. Just a lot of little things that add up to being a not so pleasant child to be around. I just think wow my day would be less stressful if he wasnt here.

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    I had a Dcg while I was expecting my ds. I never bonded with her and I blamed it ony pregnancy. After I reopened, I still could not bond with her. I never wanted her here, I didn't hug her, hold her and had to force myself to spend one on one time with her.

    Then one morning she stepped on my big toe, (she was a big one year old) and broke my toenail all the way down (I cut broken nail off for months as it grew out), which cut and bruised my toe.

    Shortly after that I termed and when dcm asked why, I explained that we never bonded and I felt I was doing a disservice to her by keeping her.


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      I have a 3 year old girl that comes 3 days a week. She's annoying as all get out. Her voice irritates even me. She's constantly asking why? But, I do love her.
      I can't say that I have ever had a kid I didn't bond with.
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        I hope the kids' I'm thinking of never felt that from me while they were in my care but yeah, there have been several throughout the years that I just couldn't feel a connection with no matter how much I tried. I have one now who I suspect may be autistic. Since my adult son has Asperger's, it bothers me that I haven't managed to feel a connection to this kid yet but I'm still trying. I think a little burnout on my part may be why I'm struggling so much. I termed another child a few months ago because of his behavioral issues. I suspected he had autism, too, and that turned out to be the case when he was tested shortly after leaving my care. Like Alwaysgreener said, I felt as though I was doing him a disservice by keeping him. I'm finding some of the telltale behaviors that I used to find endearing are becoming more annoying right now. The constant pushing and hitting of other kids, the food throwing, book ripping and toy breaking isn't helping, either. It's definitely less stressful when he isn't here but I'm not ready to give up just yet. I hate the thought of giving up but I also know I can't be all things to all people all the time. We're human.


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          I've got one now that's drives me a little batty. I wouldn't say I dread seeing her, she's just annoying.

          Her voice is high pitched and squeaky, she says my name wrong, she has no manners and demands things, she interrupts when I'm talking to other kids and won't stop until I acknowledge her, she cries when she has to sit next to someone she doesn't want to sit by, etc.

          She's a sweet girl otherwise. I don't treat her any differently, so she doesn't know that she drives me a little crazy. But, I definitely don't click with her like I do the others. I'm glad she's part time lol