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  • I KNEW It!

    I just knew it. It’s been one meltdown after another here today, children who never take toys away are tackling others for toys, and just overall wild behavior. TGIF to the MAX! 🤪😆 Click image for larger version

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    That explains our day here👹


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      Coupled with a new year and more than likely more at home days than normal due to Christmas vacation and it’s a recipe for disaster.
      I literally dislike ALL of my DCKs this week


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        Funny! A provider on a daycare FB group I belong to was joking about the upcoming full moon and its effect on her group. It was funny to see how many others chimed in saying how poorly their own groups of kids had behaved all week, too. I thought my group was acting up because it was our first week back after the holiday break. I should have known there was a full moon involved. lol


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          One kid up all night every night for no reason at all, another kid whose urine smells like an antibiotic four days after being all up in the face of a kid who is now out sick, and another kid back to their "I only eat from my parents' plate" hunger strike/meal-flipping routine after we'd made pre-holiday progress

          Childrens, please just do normal for a couple of days. I swear you'll feel better once you're in the habit