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The Nicest Way to Explain Being on Time

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  • The Nicest Way to Explain Being on Time

    During the tour DCM insisted they needed a 7:30 drop off. They understood that I had a no drop off time between 7:45 and 8:15 on school days. She asked if they would be allowed to come later than 7:30 I said yes assuming it would be rare, because they insisted they needed a 7:30 drop off.

    Most families that I've had over the years have been consistent with their drop off and pick up time, with a small variance between 2 to 3 minutes.

    This family shows up 7:40 7:39 743 745, then out of blue shows up at 7:30, and then throwing in a few days here and there at 8:15 to 8:20. They Will text if they're going to be here 8:15 or later but I never know what time they're going to show up between 7:30 and 7:45 they even pull in at 7:45 and come in my door at 7:47.

    My rule says that if you come in after 7:40 that your child needs to be ready to go outside. Which means that on cold days it's your responsibility to put your child boots hat coat snow pants the works on before you walk back out the door. With that assumption I figure that you're back out the door by 7:45. But maybe I didn't make that clear enough. (Note maybe change the rule to say parent back out the door by 7:45 or your car must be out of the driveway by 7:45 I'm not sure)

    The exact moment I walk out the door the head to the bus stop depends on how many kids I have in the morning, the weather and if I need to get the stroller or wagon out. On cold/rainy mornings is just my kids, I can walk out the door the last minute possible 7:53. And mornings that I have other kids or when I need to get out a stroller, then I head out 3 to 5 minutes earlier, 7:49. And warm/nice mornings we walk out the door at 7:45 to give the kids time to play outside. (On warm days we get ready early to go outside to play, but then they're ready to go and DCM shows up so they have to wait)

    So when they pull in at 7:45, then have to wait for them to bring her in, get her ready, go back out to the car, and leave the driveway before I can take the kids out. And then I have to get the stroller out, get it set up, get her buckled up before we can head to the bus stop.

    There's been twice where I had my kids ready early so when I saw them pull in, I rushed my kids out the door. First time I told dcd that he was late and he said he'd wait at the car. The next time dcm followed us down the driveway and hung out with us, (my DD was uncomfortable with the situation).

    So this morning, it was just my kids and we were ready to go when they pulled in at 745. I told her, "I really need you to be on time" She asked if she could get Dcg ready and I said yes. We walked out the door right behind her. Had to wait for them to leave, to get the stroller out.

    How do I approach being on time/ being consistent with drop off to the parents? (Possibly changing contract time, since they don't really need 730.)

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    I have on my parent resource board 'poor planning on your part does NOT create an emergency on my part' it off of Amazon as a magnet and I place it with my hours for the day....I also got something that said '$5 charge for whining and another $100 charge for whining about the whining charge'.....go on Amazon and you can find ANYTHING!
    FYI....the whining is emphasized for the PARENTS, not the kids in care! I bring attention to it during interview.....not that it helps but I do anyway!!!! Makes me feel better
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      They wanted a 7:30 drop off, right? It’s also in their contract?

      I would tell them one of three things:

      1) That moving forward they will need to follow their requested contracted drop off time at 7:30. If they arrive 10 minutes after their scheduled time, they’ll be considered late and will be turned away for the day.

      2) You do not accept arrivals between 7:45 and 8:15. If they arrive during this time, they must wait in their vehicle. For privacy and safety reasons, you cannot have another adult chaperoning you to the bus stop.

      3) Change their drop off time to 8:15 entirely.
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        AND to be quite honest, there is NO way to be NICE and there is NO way to make them mad either.....they don't get mad; they just simply DON'T-GET-IT


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          My daycare hours became 8-4 as soon as my kids became old enough to go to school. I wanted to get them on the bus at 7:45 before any of the daycare families showed up and I wanted them off the bus and in the house before parents started to show up for pick-up. (I didn't want to have to worry about accidents happening in my driveway.) I stood very firm on those hours while my kids were in school and rarely made an exception.

          If it were me, I'd let them know the current situation isn't working and they either have to be on time and follow our agreement from now on or their drop off time will have to change to a time that works better and doesn't interfere with the bus schedule.


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            I’d change their time to 8:15 and just explain THEIR inconsistency in drop off times has simply made the situation too complicated so new daycare drop off for them is 8:15
            it will clearly work with their work schedules since they drop off at or after that time plenty already


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