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    Just thinking aloud here. I’ve had a family almost 4 years. Rate increased once by $10… current rates are $75/week more. It’s been that huge of an increase in our area. I need to raise their rates, but I keep second guessing myself. I was going to do $30/week which still leaves them way less, but im sure they’ll complain. Kicker is that they’re part of a subsidy program and I’ve confirmed they’ll absorb/pay Most of the increase. Help me process this where it’s reasonable since I’m way undercharging but increase without offering more to them (they wanted more time at daycare but they don’t need it so I said no unless they pay more which they declined).

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    Have you laid it out for them to choose so they feel like they’re choosing what works for their budget?

    These are rough numbers and times:
    1. 3:00 pick up - $175/week
    2. 4:00 pick up - $195/week
    3. 5:00 pick up - $210/week


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      IIRC, you’ve mentioned that daycare is tough to find in your area…
      If that is the case, just raise their rate and tell them you’re raising their rate to be equal to what the going rate is for your area and if it’s something they can’t manage, they’re free to go but the new rate is what it is.