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    I give a list of closed dates/holidays every December. This year I added 3 profesional development dates to the paid dates along with some extra holidays and removing 2 (like mlk and Washington birthday). None of my families work Monday And are happy because I am.

    i just had a family pay me for the month and they deducted my profesional development day… how do I text back and say “come on!”””

    urghhh I hate it lately wheee I have to constantly enforce my policies. I am consistent since I’ve learned if you bend it once, they expect it every time. But it’s getting annoying having to remind me every time sigh.

    (and this is what I will remind myself when they balk at my very well deserved rate increase that should’ve taken place last year)

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    Dear Stingy McStingerson,

    "The invoice denotes the total amount due."


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      Stingy McStingerson 🤣


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        omg, so not only did they deduct my training day, they deducted Monday with the intention of bringing the child 😂

        Does this sound okay?

        We are OPEN on Monday (MLK day), open 2/20 Washington’s Birthday and 6/19 Juneteenth regular hours even though those are federal holidays. We then close 12/27-12/29 as paid holidays.

        We are required to attend 3 professional development trainings per year. Due to covid, we had been allowed to complete them 100% online, but beginning 2022 it reverted back to in-person. I had hoped they would allow online and waited until the end of the year to complete them and as a courtesy, I did not charge for them in 2022.

        In order to best serve our families, we signed up for one day per month the first three months of the year (Jan.-Mar). We are closed next Friday for our first professional development training. The dates listed on the holiday calendar are closed paid dates.

        your provider who is mentally exhausted from having to continuously raise parents along with children


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          I would not even go that far. Reserve the right to change your mind, later. You may need some of those days for doctor's appointments or home maintenance. That is what I use those extra holidays for and it keeps me from having to close unexpectedly.

          If she did not specifically say that is why she did it, opening the dialogue is working to her advantage for loopholes. I'd keep it simple and straightforward. "Please submit payment in full." No debates.


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            I agree with CH. Giving them a lengthy explanation is like explaining to a 3 yr old why they can't do X or Y. They stop listening after the first 5 words.

            Just tell them, they didn't pay the full amount and have $X due.
            If they question you as to why they owe additional monies, just say "You didn't include these dates in your payment".
            If they say something about you not being open those days, just say "Rates are based on enrollment not attendance or time used"

            ENJOY the awkward silence. It's their issue not yours to feel awkward about.


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              I should’ve said that I was debating posting that for all the families?

              for that one I texted back and asked if she could explain the amount because it was more than one week but not enough for two weeks and she replied the holiday and your personal day. I replied lol, you know from your contract those are paid and I was double checking if you were sending extra as a gift … sent the remainder as soon as she read the text lol


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                Originally posted by Sahm121 View Post
                I replied lol, you know from your contract those are paid and I was double checking if you were sending extra as a gift … sent the remainder as soon as she read the text lol
                Love it! lol