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    Hi, do you do anything for/give anything to kiddo in your care when there is a new baby in family?

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    I don't usually do so but if you are feeling like you want to, you definitely should. I don't because I've done this for so long and have a dozen or so kids at all times that it would be af financial burden to gift each kid/family every time an occasion came up that is gift worthy. I would probably send a nice card congratulating the family and maybe tuck a $10 gift card to Target in there.


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      Yes, I can see how that can get costly over time

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    I haven’t done this. I give them gifts for Christmas and their birthday. I will also send flowers to the family if a close family member passes away.


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      If I know I'll be caring for the new baby, too, I might buy a gift for that child. I might also buy a gift for the older child if I feel especially close to him/her or the parents. Otherwise, I offer congratulations or send a card but leave it at that.


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        I’ve bought a gift for the new baby and the older sibling. I was keeping the older sibling and was going to keep the baby too. I just did an outfit and a book about being a big sister for the sibling. I don’t know though that I’d do that again. If you like the family though and feel up to it, do it.


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          I don't. My clients are almost all sibling groups, over many years. IME the more special/new/out-of-the-ordinary attention you give to the older sibling when a new sibling comes along, the worse they act out. We are convincing them something terribly wrong is abou to happen to them. If we act like everything is normal they do too, just like for potty training, doctors appointments and moving.

          I do give the new baby a gift since they are the new member of our daycare group. Usually a new crib mattress, pj's, infant manipulatives, and a washable play rug for them to use here (sanitary). Once they turn a year old, they get a new blanket, too. You know, for when they move their own crib mattress to the floor with their siblings for naps.
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            I have a small group and most of the families are generous with gifts to me and also check to see when my child's birthday is so they can give her a gift as well. So I have given small gifts to siblings and, when one of my enrolled kids had a baby brother born in the early fall, I gave the parents a pack n play mosquito net so they could still hang around outside with the newborn despite all the bugs we have around here. My enrolled child took a couple of weeks off for the birth, so I also gave him a cheap pounding bench, since whacking things with other things was his interest at the time. I kept both gifts under $20.

            They gave me a goodbye bonus of over a month's tuition.