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Severe Diaper Rash

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  • Severe Diaper Rash

    The child was out yesterday, it was planned. DCP advised this morning that the child had a diaper rash. DCP said it was because the child had a BM overnight and they weren’t aware. Although the parent said the child told them they had a BM..? Diaper cream has not been provided.

    The child just had a looser, more pungent smelling BM and screamed every time I wiped the area. It’s really, really bad. There is a sore.

    Would you exclude for the rash or maybe even the looser BM to be safe??
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    I've excluded a couple times for real bad rashes. Sometimes they have to be seen by a doctor to get a prescription ointment to put on if it gets infected.

    If the child is really bothered by it and there are sores then I would suggest that they call their doctor.