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  • "Did You Know" in Newsletters

    A while ago someone commented that in their weekly or monthly newsletter they have a section that reminds parents of their policies without coming out and directly repeating the policy. Kind of like a "Did you know..." giving information on illnesses, etc. I'm probably describing this terribly My memory isn't great, so details aren't my strong point. I hope someone knows what I'm referring to. Anyway, what topics do you put in this section. I remember thinking it was a great idea, but now I'm clueless 🤦

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    I think that's smart to do. Start an email newsletter for all your parents and take a section each week from your policies and handbook to cover. It would be a good reminder that may make your day go a little easier.


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      I do this!

      I send mine out seasonally. So in the fall/winter, I will cover my illness policies. In the spring/summer, I cover my dress code policies. I always keep my upcoming closures, attendance policy, payment policy, etc. in there.


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        In my monthly newsletters I have a section titled “reminder”. Just as Michael said I put one policy from my parent handbook each month; typically anything that I see my parents may be forgetting or just a random one I pull. It’s been really beneficial to me. Since implementing this I’ve noticed a big change in how often my policies are broken.