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Update on DCB Won’t Nap

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  • Update on DCB Won’t Nap

    Hey guys! Been just over a month and things have greatly improved! Every day isn’t perfect, but DCB will spend most naps in his pack-n-play with minimal-no fussing, crying, or fighting! Biggest issue is most days he has 3 naps-early morning, late morning, and afternoon. He was doing good sleeping in the pack-n-play the whole nap no issues most days, but recently he’ll have one really good nap (it’s a different one each day), and the other 2 it feels like he sleeps for 30-40 minutes, fusses, and I have to spend the next 10-30 minutes patting him to get him to fall back asleep, then he’ll sleep for another 30-60minutes, fuss and Pat for 10-20 minutes, sleep for another 15-45 minutes and and be up and done from nap
    I’ve tried just leaving him be to see if he’s just fussing and adjusting, but it always leads to him moving around the pack-n-play and him becoming wide awake. Once he’s awake like that, I either have to sit down and rock him for the rest of his nap, or both of us are miserable until we can try for another nap.
    Other kiddos are great about quiet activity time if he’s napping, so it’s not them waking him up. He wakes up like this even on the one day a week that he’s the only one here.
    He’s recently started trying food and purée, and we’ve gotten on. A good schedule of sleep, eat a bottle, play, either purée or teething crackers, then nap. We’ve made great progress and I don’t want to loose it, but I don’t know what to do/change for him.

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    I just wanna say I made this post and this second nap he woke up after 30min, fussed for a few minutes with pats, fell back asleep for 30 min, woke up and did the same thing. Since he fell back asleep, he’s slept for an hour now and the one time he’s fussed it was only for a few seconds and he was back asleep before I was able to move out of my seat lol. He’ll definitely need a new diaper and a bottle when he wakes up this next time, but I don’t understand why he fusses every 30-40 minutes when he’s definitely tired and needing to sleep a bit more. I don’t wanna let him sleep for too long, but it seems to take a full hour or so for him to really fall asleep in a good sleep


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      Sounds like you’ve gotten him into a great routine!