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  • Unlicensed Child Care

    Hi everyone, has anyone else noticed an increase in non licensed daycares?, I have seen so many advertising and charging extremely low rates.

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    We’ve had many conversations regarding unlicensed daycare over the years. Here are a few;


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      Personally, I only know of one person in this area who is unlicensed but providing care. She's charging about half of what most licensed providers in the area are charging. Based on what I've heard, she contacts parents who go on FB looking for daycare and passes herself off as being licensed. I'm not naive enough to think there aren't others doing the same but in this state, you're required to be licensed so that may cut down on the number of people who try to advertise openly.


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        I think the lock down caused many stay at home moms or ones that became jobless (due to the lock down) to take on kids because parents scrambled for child care when their child care closed. Then those moms just continued to care for kids. They will continue until they are caught or something bad happens.


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          The back of house, continuing education and paperwork requirements and expenses for operating as a licensed daycare have surged in many states recently. I am trying to figure out if I can even stay open or if we are getting so close to net zero benefit out of this job that I need to stop. I've had a drop in enrollment because everybody looking for care either has newborns or is looking for half days a few days a week, so technically I could be operating legally unlicensed right now instead of going through this rigmarole.
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            I am legally unlicensed. Working with children has always been my passion. I started my ECE degree but I didn’t finish because I had DD10 and needed to work full time. DH is is school now, but I’ve considered going back when he finishes so I can finish my degree.

            I have seen a lot of SAHM advertising to “babysit” for extra cash.


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              Depending on where you live a license is not always required. Also depending on where you live, you can't really blame anyone for wanting to make an income if they have small children of their own. Child care IS expensive. Whether you are providing it or using it.

              It irks me to see people that are required to be licensed skip over the rules but at the same time, I feel a majority of the responsibility also falls to the client. It should be their decision to use LEGALLY unlicensed or licensed care but if they choose not to then that is on them and they are taking the risk,