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  • How Long to Wait?

    How long do you guys wait to call for pick up if dc kiddo is screaming non stop? One of mine has been here 2 hours and just won’t stop screaming off and on. I’m not sure what’s wrong-I’ve checked her all over; she’s perfectly fine in that regard and no fever. Dcm said at drop off that she was fine at home but as she was handing her off to me she was already screaming. She hasn’t been clingy with me today but just shrieks off n on. She doesn’t seem to be in pain it seems more angry. I’m over it 🤦‍♀️😭She’s 17 mo, btw.
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    It’s dependent on the child. On some, I’d call
    after an hour especially if it’s out of character for them. For the rest after two hours, more so because I feel that’s my personal max to expose the other children to someone screaming.

    good luck. Not sure what’s going on but I’ve termed for nonstop screaming more in 2023 than I have in over a decade (actually I never termed for nonstop screaming)


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      Depends on the child, usually.

      If it’s a new child, they will go home after one hour of continuous crying or two hours of intermittently crying.

      Like the poster above me stated, I also just termed a 20 month old because he wouldn’t stop screaming.


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        She’s not new; been with me for a year but, this behavior is new. I’m worried it’s becoming “a thing” for her. I finally called, they were here within 20 min to pick up. She’s screaming as she leaves. 10 min later I get a text from dcm of kiddo happily playing at home. 😡


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          Once I make a call for pick up, I allow 30 minutes and then I start charging late fees. …Regardless of who is suppose to pick up.


          • GirlMomma
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            A former customer said my 60 mins policy was “outlandish.” She was charged overtime because she arrived 2 hours and 20 mins after I called for pick up.

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          Hoping your person picked up promptly after your call


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            They took her to the doctor today and she has a uti. I’m glad there’s an explanation, at least!