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  • Aaaachooo!

    Child was VERY sneezy and had a bit of a stuffy nose last Tuesday. School was closed Wednesday for a snow day, mom said it was a little stuffy at home. Was stuffy at school the rest of the week (but didn't effect his day or have any other symptoms, so I didn't send home)
    Come Monday, mom says he wasn't stuffy at all over the weekend (but then proceeded to tell me that he's been blowing his nose and "letter her know" he was stuffy... so I'm not sure what's going on there..) and says "his nose started running on the way to school"
    Stuffy all day yesterday (but again no other symptoms or effecting anything) Today she said "he wasn't stuffy at all after school yesterday or at night" but gave him allergy medicine this morning just in case. He's stuffy again...
    This isn't a family I would accuse of lying, but how on earth is he "not stuffy" at home but has been here for a week?! Driving me nuts!
    I've definitely had parents that I can assume are lying... or parents that are not actually paying attention to their kids at home enough to actually KNOW if they're stuffy, but this mom isn't really one to lie and is helicopter mom so I assume she pays attention to him at home :P

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    That is exactly what I am experiencing right now. I am stuffy after I spend awhile inside but if I go outside, I am immediately clear and not at all stuffy. Then I will get in the car to head home and I'm stuffy again. Sometimes my nose will run and sometimes not. It's literally on/off/on/off/on and it is driving me insane and I do take allergy meds daily.


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      I have dealt with awful allergies my whole life, and usually when a parent says "it's probably allergies" I can kind of gauge it on how bad mine are at the time (and how dependable the parent is...) But I've been taking allergy shots for the last 3 years so my allergies are SO mild now it's harder to gauge! His parents both have pretty bad allergies, so it wouldn't surprise me, especially this time of year, just weird it's here and not at home (again, I don't think she's the kind to lie) He was, however, quite sluggish today so hopefully it IS allergies and he's not sick!

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      Blackcat31 oh good I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I'm fine part of the day and then the next part of the day I'm stuffed up so much that I can't breathe it's terrible