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Oh What a Beautiful Problem to Have

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  • Alwaysgreener
    It is funny, I was flooded with calls in 2021 and I was able to fill up (I always leave one spot open to) In 2022 I lost three families (4 kids) and gained one, then state gave us 7 kids instead of 6. So now I have even more spots and no calls.

    Anyways, I would ask for the ratio exception if I wanted the family, if denied you could just delay the start date of your clients infant.

    Just say that due to their delay in letting you know, you will have to delay the start date for two months due to ratios.

    But being that it is that far away, it may just work itself out.

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  • Sahm121
    started a topic Oh What a Beautiful Problem to Have

    Oh What a Beautiful Problem to Have

    Covid really affected my enrollments and I typically leave one spot open intentionally, and eventually ended up running at half capacity (kids aging out, terms, moving away, etc.). As of this month, we’re officially full again! I even have one starting this fall to replace a dck aging out.

    now out of nowhere, we’re getting nonstop inquiries. Almost all centers have switched to no infants. One long term dcf had a baby this winter and I had asked twice if they planned on enrolling baby. Both times they said they weren’t sure….. so I moved on. Guess who now says ‘surprise we’re enrolling baby!’…. Sigh. They could’ve paid the deposit and guaranteed their spot (and saved me the hassle of interviews). Here’s the kicker, because there’s only a handful of daycares offering infant spots, demands are ridiculous and prices have gone up almost double what it was when they started 5 years ago.

    Now to sit back and debate - take a long term family’s infant and beg licensing for a ratio exception (we’re only allowed so many under age 2 and can get exceptions IF it’s a current family
    and the ratio will be fixed within 6 months, I’d be off by 2 months)/ OR leave the spot empty

    decisions decisions