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    Amen, ch!šŸ˜‚


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      While we are talking about art projects, I am so sick of the *Best Practice Patty's* telling me that Product art is bad. Bite me Patty. I do both types of art in my program. Teaching kids to follow directions and the joy of giving a handmade-ish gift to their parents will not damage them. I promise.

      Having them only do process art when, how and where they wish teaches them that their own wants matter over being a member of society and look where that has gotten us.... snowflakes.

      I hope that my daycare kids will do well in school where most teachers will not remember their names. Then, I hope they can hold down jobs even when they don't like their co-workers or agree with their bosses goals. I hope they learn that life is not always about them.

      Snowflakes are unemployable. Being unemployable is unsustainable and creates lifelong victims. No thanks.


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        Preach it, preach it, preach it.

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        It literally teaches them to follow directionsā€¦. šŸ˜‚