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  • Help Me Not Feel Guilty

    I need to close at 3:30 instead of 5pm, but it’s the Friday before a federal holiday.. I’m a chaperone for an organization and we’re traveling that weekend. Rather than close that Friday, I’m
    going to take a later flight but I HAVE to close at 3:30 the latest… I feel so guilty! Help me not feel guilty

    All parents are able to pick up so it’s not going to be an issue

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    I understands this!! I need to do the same thing in a few months.

    Just send out the message and move on, it’s easier than we think!


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      As long as they were given notice, I see nothing to feel guilty about. I'd be more concerned about them messing up my flight plans. I hope you have a great time!


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        In my experience, it seems providers tend to equate availability with worth but here’s the thing; worth has nothing to do with being a available every day that’s considered a work day.

        Childcare programs are always “rated” by quality.
        What makes a quality program?

        An educated provider? Seat time? Worksheets? Stars? Cheap rates? A fancy environment?

        The answer varies per parent.
        ​​​​​​…. but the one thing that all parents really want is a caregiver that is healthy (physically and mentally) that gives good, nurturing care to their child while they are unavailable.

        As a provider, NEVER apologize for meeting your needs… because it is your needs being met that make you a quality provider.


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          Originally posted by Sahm121 View Post
          All parents are able to pick up so it’s not going to be an issue
          You could have closed for the entire day but you chose to work most of it, closing just a little early. Parents don't seem to have a problem with picking up early. It's the Friday before a federal holiday so they're probably grateful they have a good excuse to leave work and start their long weekend a bit early. It's ok to put your own needs first when necessary.


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            Never feel guilty for doing what’s right for you!! You can’t make everyone happy all the time. Like others said, you didn’t even close the whole day. You are trying to work it to their consideration at least.


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              Have you ever had a child in school?

              Were you ever a child in school?

              How often did the school close? Was it only on those really big federal holidays? Probably not. They were probably all kinds of federal holidays that nobody but schools and banks observes. And there were teacher workdays. And there were days when the school closed with very little warning due to widespread illness or severe increment weather. And there were spring and fall breaks, which probably coincided with federal holidays.

              I've got a family whose previous daycare close without warning. Apparently, the provider was all the time notifying families the day of when she was going to be closed for a half day. What a disaster! You aren't that person.

              But you also aren't an ATM, dispensing childcare on demand around the clock with as little need as possible for maintenance.