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    I’m an unlicensed daycare here in VA .(caring for 4 babies means you don’t have to be licensed).

    And I’m interesting in hiring maybe a part time assistant or help, since m days can be long and sort of draining .

    Does anyone know what direction I should go with this because I’m an unlicensed entity ?

    And what I would have to tax wise to hire an “employee “ ?

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    I saw they do allow a 1-4 ratio for infants with no license required until the 5th child is enrolled. Lucky duck!! We can only have 2.

    My concern is how you would earn enough with 4 slots to pay your bills and an assistant. I wanted to make sure you knew that ratio does not go up no matter how many employees you have. It is 4 children per home, not per adult.

    I also usually recommend a Kidkare subscription to manage all things taxes/business records. It is $8 a month and basically lays all the information and needed documentation at your feet. I am not sure if they still do a free 30-day trial, but it is worth it either way. Some people use it for a while to learn, then do their own programs, but I have never found anything better in my career.

    Welcome to the forum!
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      Hi, thank you so much!

      I’m not looking for a full time person, just someone to come in 6-10 hours a week.

      But, you are absolutely right when it comes to affordability .


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        Tom Copeland should have an answer for you in his blog, but you'll have to do the search.

        He retired but there is an company maintaining his blogs and his link will take you to there site.