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California Owning a Child care Center But Not Being The Operator?

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  • California Owning a Child care Center But Not Being The Operator?

    Hello, I am wanting to open a child care center in California. But I want to only be the owner, the person whom owns the property, pays the director, etc. Is there a way for me to be just the owner, without having any related credentials and not going to school for child care related industry? If so how do I go about this? How do I get the license without having any Units. I'm a small entrepreneur and I just want to own it and not be involved in the day to day. Thanks it advance to all the Owner and operators who have first hand experience whom can share. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum. Here are California's licensing requirements.
    I live in California and I do not believe the property owner has to be licensed. The director and those that will be running the business along with the caregivers need to be licensed with the facility. You could lease the property to the director who could then apply for a license for the premises. The building would have to be up to code and requirements for the structure inside and out. Maybe someone here that has this situation in California can chime in.


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      I'm in Alabama and when our previous owners owned the daycare they had full time jobs and the daycare was second income and the owner would come in on certain days that she was off and help as needed and then it became to the point to where they both worked a lot, family commitment s etc and they became the "silent owners" per day. They would write the checks, pay the bills but we would keep things moving. They had to have a background check, tb test,, 12 hours ceus etc even through they were never there they still had to have it
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