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Bathroom Skills for 4 Year Olds

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  • Bathroom Skills for 4 Year Olds

    I’m the lead teacher in a 4 year old classroom and we definitely work on self help skills such as making their own cots and wiping their own faces after meals. I’m also trying to encourage the children to learn how to wipe their own bottoms after having a bm. It’s not that I won’t help them if they need it but that I want them to try on their own first. Am I being unreasonable here? I think wiping should be a part of toilet training as well. Yes, help a child to make sure they get off all the poop but doing it completely for them when they are almost 5 seems wrong. After all no one is going to do it for them when they go to kindergarten.

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    I agree with you, children need to know how to wipe their privates after using the restroom. Teachers will not wipe them when they are in school, they need to know how to do it themselves!
    Christy Sewell


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      I start teaching that as soon as they have the motor skills, usually around age 3.


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        As a provider and a mom of a 3YO, I understand what you’re saying! I have my DD3 wipe herself first and then I will check. No one will wipe her when she goes to K.

        You’re not asking too much at all!


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          I don't wipe 4-year-olds. Our local public school 3 & 4-year-old programs don't wipe them. I teach it at 2, reinforce it at 3 and stop going in with them at 4.

          My job is to prepare them for public school. Obviously, I am not helping the 3-year-olds prepare for it as well, but I still am not sold on the idea that a 3-year-old CAN be ready for a public school experience. (school bus with up to high school kids, lunch lines & restrooms with up to 6th graders)


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            I’m glad I’m not alone here. I’ve never had a problem with this before but this year I have a mom who doesn’t seem to want her daughter to wipe herself. I’ve told her that in kindergarten next year the teachers are not going to help her daughter with toileting skills. Yes, I understand that some kids do not always get themselves clean but if mommy is always doing it for her and not allowing her to try she’s never going to learn. I’ve had 3 year olds who don’t need help with wiping.