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  • No Call/No Show Fee

    Do you have a no call/no show fee? Life if a parent fails to call out by say 8:00, do you charge them for it?

    I have several parents not letting me know about appointments or days out until I reach out to them to confirm. I am tired of chasing people!

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    No but I have it in my contract that if you don’t show up by your contracted time and don’t text or call to let me know what’s going on, I may leave for the day and do something else and I won’t return until I’m done doing what I’m doing lol. That is if there are no other kids of course in my care. Which did happen randomly.


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      I’ve debated doing this so many times just to prove my point that communication is key 😊

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      I forgot I do have a termination clause in there too for no shows.

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    If you have a cut off time, then I would assume that is all that is needed. Of course, I would mention to the parents the importance of communicating changes since it does impact your day but you definitely can't make them
    Otherwise, if you don't have a cut off, I tell parents that failure to communicate schedule changes may result in termination as an extra child in care or an absent child that was expected impacts my day and if they can't communicate these changes then I am not the program for them as it's basically a form of disrespect


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      See my other post. If they don't call with in fifteen minutes of arrival time it is considered a no show. Three no shows can result in a termination of contract.

      The family that I termed for 3 no show made it clear on Monday that they weren't coming back after they showed up 30 minutes early one day and I turned them away and said see you in 30.


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      I don't charge a fee, but I do remind them that it helps me to know if they're going to be late or absent because that can impact my schedule for the day. Most of my parents are pretty respectful of my time so it hasn't been a big problem for me. If it's close to the time I serve morning snack, I might text the parent to ask if they're still planning to come since I don't want to waste the food or have the parent bring a child toward the end of snack while I'm cleaning up.