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    Does anyone in here follow the school calendar?

    I'm finally at a place where I don't need to work as often as I do, or have as many kids as I do. I honestly could quit if I wanted to, but I like having the extra income. I decided to follow the school calendar this next year. My poor kids and family have sacrificed a lot, and I can finally step back a bit and spend more time with my kids.

    I sent out a notice in February's newsletter - I'm sure some parents didn't even read it. The district updated their calendar, so I almost have mine done. There's A LOT of closures, and I'm feeling nervous about sending it out.

    Our district does a 4 day week, with one 5 day week a month. I did decide to stay open for most of the teacher in-service days since I have 2 teachers kids. There's 2 I will be closed for because they are during school breaks. So, I'm only open 1-2 Friday's a month, and closed the same days for breaks. Minus summer - I close on Friday's in the summer.

    It doesn't really affect anyone terribly. I've got 2 teacher kids, one dcm who works the same 4 days a week the school does, 2 aging out for KG, and the others only come 2 days a week - none of them being Friday's. If I were to be open 5 days a week, I'd only have one dck on those non-school Friday's. And his sibling is the one aging out - so in my mind, these parents with kids in school have to have someone else watch their older kid anyone as there is no school age care in our town. So, it just seems like the right time. I was also surprised to learn that every daycare in a bigger town a couple hours away closed for Spring Break the same time as the schools...I don't know why I feel bad that I want to do that!

    I'm so nervous to send out my calendar! Just venting and looking for reassurance I guess 😅 Idk why I think I need to be available all the time for families who wouldn't think twice if they were in my position.

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    I started following the school calendar this year. I thought I would be closed for the summer, but financially decided it wouldn't be a good idea so I will be closed Fridays in June and July (like last year) and take and extended three week vacation around the Fourth of July.

    I just make sure when I sign on new families that they understand I close most days the school does during the school year. The ones who aren't teachers usually have grandparents watch on days I am closed.

    Don't feel guilty or bad about it. Parents will do what's best for them, and you need to do what's best for you.


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      I don’t follow the school calendar - but I may consider it in the future! Don’t feel bad!

      I close for all Federal Holidays and Good Friday. I also close one week in the summer (but I think I’ll take two weeks this year) and the week after Christmas. If the school closes for severe weather, I do, too.

      I used to feel guilty, but I don’t anymore. I do what’s best for me!


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        I’ll be following this! I just told some friends earlier today that I plan to start following our school calendar within the next couple of years. I’m not sure how I’ll handle summers yet, but I was actually considering Mon-Thurs.


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          We are opened year round at our center now in the event of bad weather, we do the following:
          1. Schools close we close
          2. Schools delay we delay
          3. Schools let out early, then we will close an hour later so that the buses have time to get to the center and also so that parents can have time to come and get their children.
          Christy Sewell


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            When people ask why I'm closed on Fridays, I tell them that the schedule works for me and my family. When I'm asked, "Well what about the parents who need daycare M-F? I tell them, "I can't be all things to all people, so I don't try. I do what works for me and have had no trouble finding clients who want to enroll with me."

            It may feel uncomfortable right now because you're making changes to your schedule that could impact current clients and you don't want to inconvenience them. It sounds as though any impact would be fairly minimal, though, so it really does seem like an ideal time to make the change. As your current dc kids age out, you'll eventually only have families who chose your daycare knowing full well that you follow the school calendar. At that point, you'll be happy you made the changes now.


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              I take all the school holidays with the exception of summer.....I did this when my boys were small but, now that they are grown, I'm not changing it.....I take alot of days(personal, professional, vacation, emergency, etc) and when you add it up, it looks like alot but we need all the days we can get to survive