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    We've had the forum up since 2007 and I believe few of you have been here about that long. In the first five years we were getting a lot of traffic, sometimes reaching 600 posts a day. Over time that has changed, maybe because of social media platforms that have an abundance of members. While I always preferred a smaller group that could be more civil, manageable and talk about childcare related issues, this forum has slowly been reduced in member and use. The old forum is well indexed in the search engines, and still gets lots of visitors looking for information but I closed it down to new members since it was not mobile-ready and it was a chore to keep out all the spammers. This new forum does not have that issue and is mobile ready and easy to manage. I am not sure how to go about getting new daycare operators to find the new forum and I worry that at some point this forum will not be found as a resource for those looking for professional help for those of you offering your expertise. In the meantime, I will be here, checking in. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to get new members to this forum.

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    I'm not very tech savvy but I am a member of a group on FB that consists of daycare providers from my state. If it's allowed, I can mention in a post there in hopes that members of that group will check it out and become members.


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      What it be wrong to send a survey to all registered members of this forum asking about their satisfaction and suggestions on getting more active?