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  • Family Possibly Not Leaving Now

    What do you guys do when a family decides to stay after they already told you they were leaving??

    I took a 2yr old in Dec whose mom told me at interview would be leaving me for preschool (mom teaches at the preschool) in Aug. Mom has mentioned kiddo still going to school many times since. However, this morning she told me they started potty training over the wknd and kiddo is petrified of it and would have nothing to do with it. She then went on to say they may not be leaving if she doesn’t start using the potty because she has to be trained to go.

    I have already interviewed and taken the deposit for this kid’s spot in August, tho. I also really am looking forward to current dck leaving in Aug (she needs a TON of redirection, hurts others for the fun of it, etc).

    Should I say something to mom now? Idk what I’d say.

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    I'd take her aside, let her know that you were surprised by what she said that morning, and tell her that you've contracted with another family based on all of the conversations about preschool.
    In my program that fall spot would have been filled quite a while ago too.


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      I agree with Signmeup. I would have had her spot filled as well. I would let mom know that you won't be able to keep the child per her original plans.

      Not to mention that it sounds like once you do the hard work "keeping" her trained, they're leaving anyways so yep...onto the next family. DCM should never have said anything until she was positive the child was leaving so I don't see this as anyone's issue but hers (DCM).


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        I agree with BC and SignMeUp. Set up a meeting, a phone call or email her and let her know you have already filled the child’s spot based on the original plans. This is DCM’s problem, not yours.

        I find it offensive that she expects you to stick it out while potty training on to pull her from your program. That irks me.


        • littlefriends
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          I think she’s thinking I’ll do it so I can get her out of here faster. I don’t potty train and I’m clear on this at interview. I will support but I am not doing all the work.

        • GirlMomma
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          She probably is. I don’t do potty training either. If the child can communicate when they have to go, I will support it. Otherwise, it’s not my job.

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        If it were me, I would definitely speak up now. I'd say something like, "You caught me off guard yesterday and before I said anything, I wanted to check my schedule for August. I double checked and, unfortunately, I won't have any spots available. You've told me several times that she'll be leaving so I filled her spot already. If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, a lot can happen between now and August. If you keep working on potty training with her, you may find that your dd has become more comfortable with it by then."
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          I told her this morning at drop off and she was super surprised. The look on her face 🤷‍♀️I am trying to be more direct with dc parent dealings so after I read everyone’s thoughts on here last night I decided I’d just rip the band aid off and say it!
          She said to dcg “Well I guess we’d better get on this potty training thing!!”


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            Good for you!!
            Feels good doesn’t it?


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              Originally posted by blackcat31 View Post
              good for you!!
              Feels good doesn’t it?


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                Happy for ya!