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  • Looking Forward to Monday!

    It's gonna be chaotic ☺ new toddler, new assistant, just got an incubator with chicken eggs! People gonna be crazy!

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    The incubator thing sounds so exciting! I have 3 pet hens, and one of them goes broody twice a year, I thought next time I'd buy a couple of fertilized eggs and finally allow her to be a momma...but the incubator is still on my bucket list


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      I just incubated eggs at our center with our preschoolers and school agers! Did you get the Brinsea incubator kit?! It worked SO WELL! 4 out of 7 of our chickens hatched! The kids named them Ronaldo, Nugget, Pippy and Fluffy (Fluffy was originally named Benny like Benedict but it got changed lol) They're 4 weeks old now! They're going to a recreational farm tomorrow night, I'm gonna volunteer there if possible to keep an eye on them and watch them grow! It's crazy how fast they grow! I've attached pics


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        I captioned each picture when I uploaded but I'm not totally sure how to see the captions. Oh well lol. In order: 1. First hatch (ronaldo) 2. Pippy and Fluffy snuggling under the brooder a few hours after leaving the incubator 3. All 4 chicks eating at a few days old 4. All 4 chicks eating together a few days ago at about 3.5 weeks old!

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      That's so cool!!