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  • Supply Policy Change

    I want to change the policy on sunscreen and bug spray. Everyone brings a can and I use that can on only their kid. They all bring the same spf/brand so I want to just use one can until it is gone and when all cans are gone request replacements.

    There was a provider on the old forum that went as far as saying that it was a DC donation and now property of the DC, (I wish I could find that post). So if a family left, all supplies stayed with the DC. (She did diapers and wipes too. I want to do the same thing with wipes but those are all over the place with brands and qty)

    So how can I write such a policy? (I am nervous about this because my state says that sunscreen and bug spray is otc medicine.)
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    I charge an annual fee and with that I buy the wipes and the sunscreen. I buy it in bulk and that way only buy what I need. Not sure how you could word that though? Unless you say it’s the summer supplies for the summer. Like at summer camp, we’re required to send in xyz as supplies and they use it as needed. We don’t get it back if we leave or at the end of summer


    • Alwaysgreener
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      Maybe I can switch the supply list to personal and community donations list.


      Formula/breast milk
      Rash cream

      Community donations

      All must be full size, no sample size

      Bug spray - yearly
      Sunscreen spray - biyearly
      Baby wipes - monthly until fully potty trained

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    I’ve gone to a monthly supply fee.
    Everyone brought stupid sunscreen or forgot wipes etc and I’m over it so now I buy supplies and ALL parents pay a $10 monthly supply fee PER child.

    I buy the items I prefer. ONLY exception is allergies to sunscreen etc.


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      Originally posted by Blackcat31 View Post
      I’ve gone to a monthly supply fee.
      Everyone brought stupid sunscreen or forgot wipes etc and I’m over it so now I buy supplies and ALL parents pay a $10 monthly supply fee PER child.

      I buy the items I prefer. ONLY exception is allergies to sunscreen etc.

      Last year I had a parent freak out because I required spray sunscreen (arousal or pump) they freaked out about the arousal being around their one-year-old and asked if I would spray it on my hands first and then apply it. Which I agreed to so I could avoid the reactions that I get from the lotion kind. I also band the baby organics brand because I reacted to it. So I get that a child could have an allergy to one but I am tired of taking 6 sunscreen and 6 bug spray outside with me and then having to monitor the cans, making sure everyone got the right can and no one touched the cans. (then having to rewrite their name because the oil from the cans erased their names)

      How do you word the allergy exceptions?

      When you say all, does that include diapers and bottles?
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      • Sahm121
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        I hate the babyganics one. I don’t know what it is about it, but it breaks the kids out and it irritates my skin (even when wearing gloves to Apply it, somehow it touches me and I get irritated skin).

      • Alwaysgreener
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        Sahm121 glad it is not just me than.

      • Blackcat31
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        My $10’supply fee covers wet wipes, sunscreen, bug spray and diaper cream.
        I list the brand I buy and tell parents that if they don’t like the kinds I buy they must supply their own. However the ONLY way they get out of paying the supply fee is to supply ALL items the fee covers. If they forget, I will use my supply but will add the fee immediately to their next invoice

        I word it by saying “A supply fee of $10 per month is required per child. This fee covers sunscreen (brand) bug spray (brand) wet wipes (brands) and diaper cream (brands. If you do not wish for me to use these brands, you may supply your own. If you choose to supply your own, you must supply all items. If items are not supplied by the parent a supply fee will automatically be added to your invoice. The fee will be due upon next payment or child will be unable to attend care. Thank you”

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      In Alabama, we have parents fill out a medication form that is designed by the department of human resources and is in the minimum standards handbook because they consider sunscreen, bug spray etc medication and we have to have parental permission before we can apply anything to a child no matter what it is. When the children go outside in the summer and have sunscreen we tell parents to apply before they arrive and then we can apply as needed.
      Christy Sewell


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        I’m super picky so I buy my own bug spray, wipes, diaper cream, and sunscreen. I hate spray on sunscreen. Cheap wipes drive me bonkers. If there was an allergy I’d have the parent supply it but haven’t had it come up yet. I think the parents are so happy they don’t have to do it so they don’t fuss about it. I’d do a supply fee if I cared to go the them paying for it route but I don’t care about it enough. I like not having the headache chasing the parents around for this stuff and everything is the perfect brand I like.


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          I charge a higher weekly rate than other providers in my area. This covers bug spray, sunscreen and wipes. The parents must supply diapers and diaper cream.

          I just tell the parents what brand I use and if they don’t want their child using it for personal preference/allergies, then they must supply it.


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            How does this sound... (this is for my handbook)

            Supplies that are designated for your child only will be returned to you as needed. Supplies that are designated for all children will be considered property of the child care and will not be returned.

            Designated for all children*

            Old and worn out or expired items will need to be replaced**
            • Bottles** (3) up to 12 months with caps for formula
            • Pacifier** (2)
            • Prepared breast milk bottles** with caps, properly labeled and enough for 1 ½ days (16-24 oz.)
            • Diapers (6 per day x number of days per week)
            • Diaper Rash Cream**
            • Wipes* (must be more than 50 and required monthly unless exempt)

            All ages
            • Clothes plus socks (2 sets) in a Ziploc bag with the child’s name on it.
            • Toothbrush** for any infant/child with even just one tooth
            • Toothpaste, when needed (no training toothpaste)
            • Winter Wear -- Coat, hat, mittens, boots, snow pants, or snowsuit
            • Spray Sunscreen* (pump or aerosol) - required twice a year upon providers request (50 spf or higher, approved brands Coppertone, Banana Boat, or approved store brands)
            • Bug spray* required yearly upon providers request (suggested brands Off or Cutter)
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