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  • Fundraisers?

    We wanted to do a special field trip this summer to the zoo. Last year we had older kiddos and a smaller group, so we took the train and the bus (public transport). This year, our group is bigger and that would require so much planning that it would be easier to rent a school bus.

    I need to help offset the cost of the school bus and instead of asking for a field trip fee was thinking of doing a fundraiser. Anything you’ve done or participated in that was fun?

    Our local school did a play doh event where you bought those mini play dohs for $1/each and they had tons of tables set up. They had TONS of student volunteers so it was free labor and they made about $500 (crazy right?). I know most of it was from families like mine though that donated a lot, so curious about any cool ones you’ve been too.

    I know renting the bus is a deductible expense and I should just pay for it, but my 2 favorite families are leaving this summer and I really really want to do this for them. You know, send them off with a bang …. But don’t want to go broke doing it

    the bus is $300 plus tip. So if I can get about $150 that’ll help tremendously.

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