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Everyone is Sick All the Time; I Miss Social Distancing

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  • Everyone is Sick All the Time; I Miss Social Distancing

    Over the last two months, all of my clients came out of self-imposed social distancing. Over the last two months, all my kids have been out sick multiple days, RSV has passed through twice, I had the worst sinus infection of my life and had to go on a course of nuclear-option antibiotics, I think my husband caught RSV! which is usually not even a thing, and today I have only two kids coming in because all the others are sick. My neighbor is on chemo and can't get vaccinated until later, and has gotten sick twice since everybody starting going back out and breathing on her family members at work and at school.

    You'ns just go back into your houses, shut the doors, and don't come out. It's a Petri dish around here. We're going virtual-only for EVERYTHING until the germs settle down. Your emperor has spoken. I would like ONE WEEK where half the people I interact with aren't calling out with a fever.

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    I hope you’re feeling better and everyone gets well soon!

    Unfortunately, social distancing is most likely the reason for all of the illness going around. Everyone now has a weakened immune system. No one used to quarantine for sinus infections, it would run its course. Some of us would fight it off & some of us wouldn’t.


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      I have continued with sign in/out outside so NO ONE or NO THING is coming in for the reason you stated.....still making my point with parents; they should be doing this all the time regardless of covid! I have only sent home for sickness twice since March of 2020. to you. Hope it gets better!


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        I really don't believe it's a case of "weakened immune system". Even a full year with no illnesses can't change your body response that much. But honestly, half the people I know have HAD covid, so their immune systems were working- to fight that!
        Now, people are just back to having zero respect for others. I literally watched an older man yesterday picking his nose while walking into the grocery store then grab the door handle with the same nasty fingers. Then some lady sneezing all over produce. Then a grocery stocker coughing in the isle while stocking with an elderly lady right in front of him. Nobody learned a GD thing.


        • Blackcat31
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          Right?!?! I see the same behaviors here in public. I am so grossed out by some people. I feel like I want to go back to lockdown rules and have limits to the # of people allowed in stores, etc . People have returned to pre-COVID behavior and in some cases worse! I fight the urge to get a full hazmat suit and wear it anytime I am in public.

          Everyone around here is acting like COVID never happened at all.

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          That is why I generally only shop online anymore. I prefer things directly from the warehouse, no general public involved. I will never go back to in-store barring lack of planning time. Some exceptions being the farmers/fish market or hardware/gardening type stuff.

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        Maybe I misunderstood the point of the post? Chemo treatments and RSV in infants/children are serious, please don’t think I’m discrediting that.

        This morning, I read an article about a 170% spike in RSV cases in Oklahoma in infants and children. The doctors believe it’s because parents were careful about germs during the pandemic, that “children never built up their immune systems.”

        Recently, my grandmother went to the doctor for a sinus infection she couldn’t kick after a couple weeks. The doctor asked if anyone lived with her. Of course her husband does, so the doctor asked if he had symptoms. She said no. The doctor told my grandma to quarantine for 10 days and my grandpa to quarantine for 14 days. She was confused why the man who didn’t have anything had to quarantine longer and asked the doctor “what is going to happen to our immune systems if everyone is quarantining over a sinus infection?” The doctor told her “we won’t have one.”

        I see what you’re all saying as far as people being disrespectful. I’m very germaphobic… People are absolutely disgusting! I wash my hands, use sanitizer, wipe down the cart, my steering wheel, etc. just like I did pre-COVID. Honestly, besides being grossed out when someone coughs or sneezes in my direction now, COVID didn’t change much for my family. We already knew people are gross. I won’t use salt/pepper shaker at a restaurant, I sanitize after I look at the menu, etc. because I’ve seen people blow their nose/cough and not wash their hands, change diapers and not wash their hands… or the worst one, walk out of a bathroom without washing their hands! 🤮

        COVID-19 caused lockdowns to go into effect because it was a new virus, it spread rapidly, and no one knew what the virus was going to mutate into/do to the general population. The lockdowns were supposed to prevent the RAPID spread, which could be deadly to some with prior health conditions. Our local health officials didn’t want to overwhelm the hospitals, but they (our local health officials) already knew the majority of the population would get the virus.

        Now, a year later, people are given antibiotics and told to quarantine for weeks on end over the slightest sniffle. What happened to the doctors saying “You have a virus. We can’t treat the virus, it has to run its course. Take some Tylenol and treat the symptoms. Stay home for 24-48 hours.” Or remember when a new DCK would start that’s never been to DC before? More than likely the DCK would catch everything that came thru.

        I’m not arguing the fact that people are gross and have no respect for others, but in my opinion, social distancing isn’t good for natural immunity.


        • GirlMomma
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          Let me change “stay home for 24-48 hours” to “stay home if you have a fever for 24-48 hours” LOL

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          I hadn't been out anywhere to eat in sooo long but met with my ds and his gf at a burger place last week. After lunch I went to use the restroom and there was a sign telling all their employees to wash hands before going back to the kitchen, makes complete sense right? Except their soap dispenser was empty. :/

          People ARE gross; is it more a man thing or just because I live with one and see with my own eyes?

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        I'm not sure things are any worse, for me anyways....I just catch myself noticing coughs and sneezes and touching more. Used to, I never paid any attention to that stuff. I'm a girl who grew up in a pepper field where we eat potted meat sandwiches at lunch and then worked some more without washing our hands.


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          I haven't noticed any difference in illnesses with social distance in place, before or after social distance. Sickness seems to come and go, affecting some more than others as it's always done around here.