So I have this mom that has me at my breaking point. From day one she has asked me questions nonstop and they have always been things that don't really matter. Like "did he take his binky today?" at 9 PM. I have had them for almost a year and have been nice and answered all the questions. But I feel like she is trying to take more control lately. She has been asking about how much she owes and I have told her repeatedly that I will let her know if anything ever changes and the invoice will reflect that. This is my first week back after being closed for a week for vacation. The week prior she didn't pay me on time and then asked at 7 PM about payment for that week saying she cancelled her alarm because she believed payment wasn't due since I was closed. I let her know that payment was due as normal. This family is part time for the summer MWF. This is was my first week back and I had to close monday because my youngest had a virus that traveled to her lungs. She asked to change her days this week, I agreed and she asked for WTF. Well she decided not to bring the kids at all because she was afraid they might catch whatever my daughter had. Totally understandable, but tuition day comes and the dreaded text I knew was coming came in, "how much do I owe for this week?" I let her know its the normal amount because she switched days. And she responds with "wait, even though I didn't bring them?" This has been my policy since I opened and I feel like this mom tries to make me feel like I am in the wrong so that she doesn't have to pay. Even though she knows this is my policy because she he reiterated it to me before. This is a normal conversation that I have with her. I am getting to my breaking point because it's like beating a dead horse. I can repeat myself over and over and yet we end up back at square one. Does anyone have a parent like this? Am I getting irritated for no reason?