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  • Do You Know Poop?

    ...speaking of poop ... So many poop posts lately ๐Ÿ˜†

    Do you guys know poop really well? I feel like a weirdo. I just sent a kid home yesterday because she had diarrhea all over her pack n play at nap. I first smelled it when I went to check on her. I was like .. "that smells like a sick poop..." Then I saw it and thought "yup! Definitely a sick poop". I immediately texted for pick up. Mom is really immature and wouldn't look at me because she was not happy about picking up. Then they informed me last night that it was just the fruit she ate the night before... All was well because after she THREW up she felt better. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ Ugh. This kid was out on Tuesday with a 102+ temp that was from "teething" This lady is a nurse. Are they seriously this dumb or do they think I am?

    Anyway... I can tell what's going on with kids by their poop alone sometimes. Johnny had too much milk this weekend, Jill overdid the oranges, the ones that throw up my flag are the white diarrhea and the bile yellow diarrhea though. Sorry tmi. I just wonder if other providers pick up on this stuff or if I'm a weirdo.

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    I do! Iโ€™ve been sending them home lately too if I think it looks odd.


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      Absolutely, right there with ya! I can tell who has pooped by the smell....I know...wierd but that's the day in the life of a provider.


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        COVID took this skill from me. I am back to having to actually look, now. Seven months out. I get a whiff, then nothing. Same with my scented candles, bath oils, room sprays and plug-ins. I am bummed. I hope it is back before fall baking season.


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          Same here with Covid weirdness. I get random scent of yogurt and I canโ€™t tell if itโ€™s real or not. Sometimes I donโ€™t realize that kids have pooped (sometimes Iโ€™m grateful Cause omg the stuff they poop lol!). The weirdest is that the smell of coffee grounds turns my stomach, but the smell of coffee brewing is amazing.
          I never lost my sense of taste, but now sour cream tastes horrible and I used to love sour cream.

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        Wow, CH! I've heard of people doing that since covid......that's crazy?? My 'smeller' is still on target...I keep the arm & Hammer saline solution everywhere cause when I smell it, it doesn't go away.....