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  • Jobs/Daycare

    On the news every night they are complaining about NO child care due to daycare not being able to hire/keep employees and that my state governor needs to develop more daycares for space and then pay child care for ALL. WELL, the 'hiring' problem with 'no employees' is much deeper than daycare.....every fast food, retail store, insurance company, medical office, etc. cannot hire anyone that will actually stick with working. Remember, the generation looking for jobs now are the 20- year-old-QRIS assessment-give-the-kids-what-they-want-kids and the never-tell-them-no where they never learn accountability/responsibility. This is NOT a daycare crisis it is a workforce crisis and I don't know how they will fix it. Everyone is complaining because there are so many self-check-outs. Well, there is no other way if you can't hire anyone! Just some thoughts for the night!

    One more thing....let the State build more daycares; then let them try to hire people with the stipulations that go with child care....You don't just 'work' a daycare anymore....NO one gets it!

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    I agree with you!
    There are "help wanted" signs everywhere here too, and factories are behind cause they can't find workers


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      I agree! My boss had to hire on some family members just to keep going! The sad thing is I could make a $2 more a hour working at subway then I do at my current daycare job. If it wernt for the side perks (time off when needed, flexible scheduling to go to moms appointments, decent food for free) I would walk. My mom has ALS and when she has an appointment, i have to go. My boss is great about it


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        Same with my in Family Child Care.....I set my own schedule; being my own boss works great, plus I don't think I could work for anyone else but 'anything can happen' and I have looked into other opportunities. Oddly something seems to always happen about that time opening my eyes like "do you really want to leave your childcare"....LOL I am a 'gut' person so I go with my 'gut'.

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      If child CARE went back to care, people would be happier with the outcome. The EDUCATION is about federal dollars, not people. Ever notice how the angriest, gatekeeping, women you know are 20-30 year public school teachers?