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Part Time Parent Avoiding Holiday Pay?

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  • Part Time Parent Avoiding Holiday Pay?

    When I first enrolled this child, mom was a nurse with a changing schedule. The child would come 3 days, 4days every othrr week.…I allowed that. Then mom got a new job 2 months later where it was a fixed schedule M-Th. So now paying 4 days every week.
    memorial week she said her daughter was going to come friday. I said that was fine, but the check only reflected 4 days. I sent her a text reminding her that memorial day was a paid holiday and friday would be an added X amount. That her normal schedule is M-th so it would be paid. She sent me an apology and brought the remaining amount the next day.
    so now its 4th of july week. I closed on july 5th to observe the 4th, my contract states i can take friday or monday if a holiday lands on a weekend. They said they were going camping for the holiday and she didnt come until Wednesday. She said her child will come friday this week and i said thats fine. But then notice the check she gave me still reflects only 4 days.
    How do you handle this and how do you explain it? Are your part-time children allowed to change days? Normally if I wasn’t close on Monday and she wanted to come Tuesday through Friday that’ll be fine because I was open monday. But I feel like I should be getting paid for my holidays..if her normal schedule was T-F then she wouldnt have to pay for the holiday because thats not a normal day for them.

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    "DCM, I want to take this opportunity to clarify. Anytime you add Friday attendance you will have to pay for an extra day. Friday is not optional, it is not your day, there is no swapping. If you want to purchase Friday, you will have to pay for it, separately. Your contact is for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, only, not based on attendance. You are required to pay for those four days whether or not your child attends. I hope that clears things up, Thanks in advance for your understanding."

    One time. If she comes back with something offer her a full-time rate so she can attend any Friday she wants, it would then be hers. 5 days per weeks are also not based on attendance. Try to avoid back and forth.

    When I offered part time I only had two slots. 1. M+W+F and 2. T+TH. Whoever needed Friday had to pay for three days, even if they only needed Fridays. Lot's of daycares, offices and manufacturing jobs close Fridays. If parents are on subsidy at another center, they can only attend when they are working hence the need for only Fridays. Me time. Part-time care is a pain, make it worth your effort.
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      Is it in your contract that you take holidays paid for PT kids if their regularly scheduled day falls on the holiday? If so, point it out to her. Do you allow time off for families? Maybe she’s confused since she didn’t bring her daughter Monday & Tuesday. If she continues to do this, I would no longer allow her to switch days.

      I know you can make more money with PT families - I used to have them when I first started. But I got tired of the headache of keeping track of days, chasing money, etc if there are changes. Now, I charge for the spot. I have one family that comes every other week, they still pay me the week the child isn’t here.

      I think it’d be nicer to have PT kids since it does annoy me when my nurse moms will bring their littles on their days off… but they pay for the spot and I would rather have a child all day than deal with the rest. LOL


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        I don't allow part timers to switch days. When they sign my contract, they select which days they need care and those are the only days they are guaranteed a spot and they are paid regardless of attendance. If they need care on a non-contracted day, it would be a drop-in. It would be at my discretion, and my drop-in rate must be paid before care is provided.

        If you get paid holidays, then this dcm should absolutely have to pay you for the 5th. It's her contracted day.

        I would send a message saying something like, "Good morning! Just a reminder that your contracted days are M-TH and payment is due regardless of attendance. Friday care is an extra $XX. You're bill is $XX. Please pay the remaining balance of $XX today to avoid late fees. Thank you!"

        I don't know why this dcm thinks she shouldn't have to pay for a spot you're holding for her. Parents 😑


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          For whatever reason, I don’t think parents understand that they pay for the spot NOT the time the child is there. Or if they do understand that, they push to see what they can get away with.

          I would say about half of my families understand they pay for the spot not the time.


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            I have one weekly rate. Payment is due weekly regardless of attendance or closures.
            This makes life so much easier.
            parents use as many or as few days as they need.
            99% tell me their needed days the week before.
            One family texts every morning in regards to whether they’re coming or not.


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              I think that she thought that Monday wasn’t a paid holiday for me and just a day off. I could see that being a thing


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                I don’t think so, since she tried the same thing for Memorial Day. I would send the text above saying just a reminder adding Friday is ADDING a day.