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Lunch Time Limit?

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  • Sparkles
    I have a limit. We have a schedule and I need it to be followed as close as possible for everyone's sake.

    I don't have this issue at lunch, but I have one that is super slow at afternoon snack. I start giving him warnings a few minutes before snack time is over. "You have 5 more minutes before snack is over and I put up your plate."

    I don't save any food for the kids. If they eat it, then great. If not, it goes in the trash.

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  • GirlMomma
    started a topic Lunch Time Limit?

    Lunch Time Limit?

    I have a DCB3 that has recently decided to take the tiniest of bites when he eats and it’s becoming a little annoying. He has always been a slow eater, but within the last three weeks, he’s really slowed it down. I will have all the other kids down for nap and be cleaning the tables around him, telling him to hurry the whole time. He could easily sit there for 45 minutes. I’m not sure if he’s trying to delay nap time - he always naps - or what could be the reason for the sudden change. He’s not distracted and he doesn’t talk, he’s focused on eating the entire time.

    Do you give kids a time limits to eat before you put the plate up? Do you save it for after nap? Do you just let them finish eating no matter how long it takes?

    I try to have everyone transition to nap at the same time, until last week when I decided to put the others down before him.