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Getting Licensed in a Mobil Home Park

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  • Getting Licensed in a Mobil Home Park

    So we have been renting for many years, and have been doing our business in various rentals for 14 years. We are REALLY struggling finding a place lately (We have to be out in a week and have NO idea where we're going) There is a possibility we can get a mobile home in a park, but am not sure if we could still get licensed. I know it varies state to state as well as each park, but does anyone run their business form a mobile home park?
    We are preschool only, so we only have kids 4 days a week for 4 hours a day.

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    I don't but there is a very popular provider in town that is lived in and operated a daycare out of a mobile home in a mobile home park for a few decades now.
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      Other than meeting the minimum space requirement, I don't see any issues getting licensed.