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    So my toddlers (1-2) Are super into group time! Im looking for more fun stuff to do with them, learning wise. So heres what we got so far:
    Look who came to school song with the kids putting there name pencil on the schoolhouse
    the sneeze song
    the itsy bitsy spider (or the "One little spider went out to play" with spider numbers activity)
    2-9 books (depending on the day and who is at school. Some of my kids are way way way more into reading).
    Sometimes choicesaka things that we do sometimes or if the kids ask for them, so at least once a week)
    shape cookie jar song OR crayon colors song (both have activites where the child holds something and puts it on the chart when its there turn)
    Abcs chart on the wall
    Numbers chart on wall
    Animal flashcard (and doing animal sounds) My kids love flashcards.
    baby shark
    Song of the day

    Just looking for some things to add in to change it up, or to give the children some other activities. They love any activity that involves stuff they can touch or manuliplate. After group we do art and free play. I feel like if we had more options the kids would have more fun with group. We do a morning group (usually after diapers so around 9. Kids come in at 6-8, breakfast at 9. Diapers at 9) and one before lunch (we come in from outside, do diapers, group, then lunch and nap) and often in the afternoon if were not going outside (so when its hot, raining ect). Our scedule tends to vary based on the kids day (if were hyper and nuts and need to move, more outside. If were feeling mellow and just sitting around, more group,art ect).

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    We discuss the current weather too! The kids are really interested in the weather for some reason! We talk about what the day looks like outside, seasons, weather predictions etc. We discuss whether we will get to play outside, how we should dress and/or prepare for certain weather and even how some weather patterns form or effect the animals or nature itself. We choose a different child to give us a weather report each day and they love it!