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People Refusing to Get the Covid Vaccines

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    Originally posted by Sahm121 View Post
    I don’t get mad ar those that choose to vaccinate and I hope they don’t live to regret it.
    I don't get mad at people who refuse to get vaccinated but I do feel frustrated by their inaction. Since the spread of Covid first happened, the Boston news station we listen to most has held nightly Q&A interviews with local infectious disease doctors. Speaking about the vaccine issue, one doctor summed it up yesterday saying, "None of us is safe until we're all safe." Someone else recently compared the fight against the virus as more of a team sport vs. an individual sport and I thought it was a great analogy. She basically said that unless there are enough team players taking part in the game and trying their best to win, it's not likely the team will be able to defeat the opponent. When we first started hearing about Covid, there was a lot of talk about the importance of reaching herd immunity in order to gain control over this virus. We (the team) now have vaccines that can help us reach herd immunity and win against the virus (our opponent) but without enough team members getting those vaccines, we won't get there. (I think it's important to remember that the Small Pox virus was virtually eradicated because enough people throughout the world got vaccinated against it and while not eradicated yet, the last cases of Chicken Pox and Rotavirus I saw were when my kids got the c. pox and my dd got Rotavirus - about 20-25 years ago maybe? - just before the vaccines were developed. None of my dc kids have had a case since then.)

    Since when is an unvaccinated person a threat to the vaccinated and if the vaccine is as effective as they claim it is, why worry? In general, I'm a live and let live kind of person. I have my opinions but don't try to foist them upon anyone else. I do worry in this situation, though, because the infectious disease doctors I've been listening to say that as long as so many people continue to refuse the vaccine, the Covid virus will continue to mutate as we're seeing it do now - becoming stronger and more contagious as a result. If that continues to happen, the efficacy of the current vaccines could be affected which means more people could become sick and more people could die including those of us who have received the vaccine. Although they're saying the vaccine does seem to be holding up against the Delta variant and is at least keeping most vaccinated people out of hospitals and morgues, even vaccinated people are getting sick. On Cape Cod, for example, most of the positive cases (74%) are vaccinated people. I'm in a state where the vaccination rate is relatively high compared to other states and we're still watching the number of cases rise quickly and steadily each day. It feels like "deja vu all over again". As the number of variants grow, I worry about myself and my family as well as the people who aren't able to get vaccinated for health reasons and I worry about the younger kids who can't get vaccinated because the vaccine hasn't been approved for their age group yet.

    This should never have become a political issue. In my opinion, we shouldn't be listening to politicians - other than to those who are responsible for leading us out of this disaster and who are listening to the infection disease experts and creating advisories or mandates accordingly. Instead, some are listening to others who have their own agenda that isn't necessarily aimed at helping the common good. People are complaining about being told to get vaccinated, about having to wear a mask while indoors or in a crowd, about social distancing, about having to wash their hands, about their rights being violated, about lockdowns and the economy taking a nose dive and rising inflation but there seems to be little understanding that until we get this virus under control, all of the above will likely continue. In order to get the virus under control, we need to listen and follow the advice of the infectious disease experts who are trying to understand the virus and help us to avoid getting it so we have a better chance of getting back to life as we once knew it.

    As far as the flu shot is concerned, you really can't get the flu from the flu shot. It's made with a dead virus. It takes 2 weeks after getting the shot for your body to build up enough antibodies to protect you from the virus. If you're exposed to the flu virus within those 2 weeks, you can get sick with the flu even though you've been vaccinated. It's probably just rotten luck and bad timing if you get the actual flu every time you get the flu shot!** When my family and I got the Covid vaccine, we were told the same thing holds true. If you're exposed to the Covid virus within the 2 weeks after getting that shot, you can get sick with Covid. None of the vaccines comes with a 100% guarantee that you won't get sick from either virus but from what I understand, depending on what Covid vaccine you get, the efficacy rate is about equal to or greater than the flu vaccine. Since I get the flu shot every year and haven't been sick with the flu in I can't remember how long, it made sense to me to get the Covid vaccine which would give me a better chance of not getting the virus than if I didn't get the vaccine.

    I also got the Covid vaccine because I didn't want to go through what Sahm and her husband have gone through - either as a patient myself or as a wife or mother of a patient. (Sahm, I hope you're both able to fully recover from your ordeal and that it happens sooner than later.) I hate being sick, I hate the thought of dying in the way most Covid deaths are described, I hate the thought of having to close my day care and losing income every time a dc family thoughtlessly exposes me to the virus - and as more children get the virus, it's just a matter of time before one of the kids brings it into my home again. I also got the vaccine because I felt some responsibility to do my part to increase the odds of defeating the virus, especially for those who are at higher risk and can't get the vaccine and who need us all to do what we can to protect them.

    I seem to be in the minority here so I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to start an argument or convince anyone to agree with me. Just expressing some of my thoughts on the topic - as uncomfortable as it feels.

    **GirlMomma, I have a sil who always insisted she got the flu from the flu shot and none of us could convince her otherwise. She was at work one night and started to have what appeared to be symptoms of a heart attack. I don't remember the exact details because it happened several years ago but she was sent to the hospital and it was found she wasn't having a heart attack but a reaction to a recent flu shot. Prior to that episode, she never had heart attack symptoms but did always feel as though she had the flu so she assumed she got the flu from the shot. If you feel sick every time you get it, is it possible you might be reacting to something in the shot like she was?


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      GirlMomma I agree with you e.j. on this. You could be having a reaction to the flu shot. I have a reaction to a tetanus/whooping cough shot. Every time I get it the symptoms are worse and now my doctor has it on my allergy list so I most likely will not be getting it again. When I got the covid shot they had me stay to be monitored for twice as long as normal because of my reactions to the T/WC shot.
      And ironically my SIL has a reaction to the flu shot. So it may be a good thing that you no longer get the flu shot.
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    This is an interesting take on Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance from a Nobel Prize winning neurologist. His concern does not seem far fetched.


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      Well, that made me super glad I will no longer be having children after taking the vaccine. I will be following that more. Thanks.

    • GirlMomma
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      Thank you for sharing!

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    Alwaysgreener it could be a reaction to the flu shot. Each time it was awful! That’s the only shot I’ve ever had a bad experience with. My kids and husband are always fine!

    I believe in herd immunity as well as natural immunity.

    DISCLAIMER: Besides a few extra lbs, my family and I are generally healthy people with no pre-existing conditions.