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How to Word Addition of Annual Fee?

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  • How to Word Addition of Annual Fee?

    I have decided to add an annual fee. It will go towards the extra things that I’ve been buying for the kids as well as our Xmas party. Prior to COVID, I would host an Xmas party and families would volunteer to bring things and donate funds for the Santa gifts. I want to do away with that (easier for me!).
    the annual fee will go towards sunscreen, tissues, individual kids art supplies (COVID policy from our state no more sharing), Xmas party, Halloween party, all parties, and the Xmas secret Santa party).

    how do I word it that it doesn’t sound like tacky? I was thinking $50/child so it’s about $1/week.

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    I include all of that in their tuition and deduct the costs from my taxes. Have you considered raising rates at the beginning of the preschool year, instead? With a fee, I would expect people demanding a refund if they leave before the end of the year. With a rate increase, everyone pays their share and it is hardly even noticed.


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      I agree. Plus an annual fee has a negative feel.

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    thanks! I was debating just raising rates and couldn’t decide which one sounded better. Around here, daycare centers charge nonrefundable annual fees of $100-$200/year. Blows my mind!


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      We call it a Resource Fee and charge it on a specific date each year for everyone who’s been in attendance more than six months. We say it is for overall wear and tear and benefits everyone in the daycare. No one has ever calculated it in a refund request upon leaving care. Like Sahm says, the centers all charge one so no one bats an eye.