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  • Closing

    This week, I had 3 families on vacation, leaving me with 4 families. Two families are out for RSV, leaving me with 2 families to provide care for.

    Tomorrow, both of my families happen to have the day off. However - one mother is always sure to bring her child on her days off. I don’t want to open for that.

    Would it be wrong if I closed tomorrow? If not,
    how do I politely say, SPEND TIME WITH YOUR CHILD
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    I had this situation happen not too long ago.

    I stayed open (so I'd get paid), but informed dcp that dck would be the only one here. Once they knew that, they kept her home.

    But, I just remembered a time this backfired on me. I told dcm that her child would be the only one in attendance, so instead of keeping her home, she brought work for me to do with her

    Ultimately, it's up to you. I personally wouldn't close as it speaks to my reliability, but it's your business and you do what works best for YOU. I know some providers will ask dcp to pick up early if they know they aren't working.


    • Alwaysgreener
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      Sparkles What kind of work did she bring you?
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    • Sparkles
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      Dck was getting services at a preschool. Covid shut the schools down, so they sent dck home with packets to work on. Dcm brought me the packets. Needless to say, I did NOT do them with her. Some parents just don't want to parent.

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    I have never closed because of only having one in care. But I might have if I had a pending invite and that one child was keeping me from going.



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      When I tell my families that their child will be the only one they say stuff like "oh, he will love having you all to himself". I tell them they will be expected to play alone like every other day, that I will not entertain them. The routine and expectations stay exactly the same. I have my own work to do, playing independently is theirs. It is summer, preschool is closed.

      The more you do, the more they dump them. You know, since they have so much more fun with you.

      If they happen to choose to sleep all day, in the quiet spot, instead of playing alone, that is their choice.


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        Sparkles point made with the reliability. I just can’t understand how she doesn’t have a guilty conscious about bringing him on her day off if he’s the only one.

        Alwaysgreener tomorrow is my husbands birthday. Last year on his birthday, we finalized the step-parent adoption for my DD. So I would love to be able to have it all set up for him when he gets home.

        Cat Herder I agree. It’s summer & I am not doing any activities. Oh gosh, if she thought I let him sleep all day she’d throw a fit. She already claims he doesn’t need a nap 🙄


        • Cat Herder
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          I am required to let them rest in the quiet spot whenever they need to. They go there, themselves. I cannot put a time limit on it barring meal times/toileting. We must meet basic needs, first, to be able to meet higher needs.
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        GirlMomma did you close?


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          No, somehow the schedule was mixed up and she was off on Friday. Still brought DCB but I had another DCK so it wasn’t a big deal.